School Canteens Should Only Sell Healthy Food Essay

Report on a seminar to ban sale of soft drinks and junk food

Our parents and teachers always stressed the importance of eating fresh and nutritional food because they are packed with vitamins and have low fat and sugar content. In fact, a healthy diet ensures that we do not contract diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure and others. Eating healthily also prolong sour lives.

The recent seminar I had attended also emphasized the same principles of consuming foods that are rich in nutritional value. The health experts who spoke at the seminar suggested that students and teachers should join forces to ban vending machines which sell soft drinks. they also urge us to make efforts to ensure canteens do not sell junk food.

Soft drinks are spiked with sugar and have no nutritional content. The main ingredients of these carbonated rinks are water, sugar and colorings which are harmful to us over the long term. excessive sugar consumption contribute to diabetes which is life threatening. those who consume too much sugar too are at risk of becoming obese which can lead to medical complications. Thus, schools should only allow the presence of vending machines that stock health drinks such as soy bean milk, yoghurt drink, herbal teas and others. The latter has low sugar content but rich in protein and carbohydrate.

Junk food or fast food such as burgers, fries, donuts, cakes, cookies, chocolates and savories are not good for our health. Junk food contains harmful additives and colorings. Thus, school canteens should not stock these food. Instead, canteen operators should be allowed only to sell rice, noodles, pasta, bread, fresh salad and other raw vegetables as well as fruits and juices.

The experts stress that only through healthy eating can we ensure students perform well academically. students in fact waste their parents' money buying food that provides zero health benefits. The link between eating nutritious food and performance in examinations has been well established. Junk food only makes a student lethargic as he or she is deprived of essential vitamins.

The health experts also suggested that the ministry of education subsidizes food costs at canteen so that students have access to quality food. It is a common knowledge that nutritionally rich food tend to be more expensive and thus canteen operators are reluctant to sell them. However, if the government provides subsidies to these operators as well as food coupon to make health food more affordable to students, it would be successful in creating a society which is health conscious.

Junk food is defined as food items which are generally considered to be unhealthy and have low nutritional value. However, many children and teenagers enjoy consuming junk food because it tastes good. Nevertheless, junk food is commonly outed as one of the main causes of obesity in young people. Some school canteens sell junk food among other things to students. As such, it is believed that the sale of junk food in school canteens is banned in order to improve student’s behavior, reduce litter in schools and it is indeed the school’s responsibility to take care of students’ health.

Firstly, the sale of junk food in school canteens should be banned in order to improve students’ behavior. Smith (2005) asserted that many additives are present in junk food which causes behavioural problems in children, such as poor concentration and hyperactivity. Besides, responses from The Food Show (2005) affirm that reducing unhealthy foods intake among children can improve their behavior. The responses on the show also indicate that junk foods are often packed with chemical additives which can trigger behavioural problems. This is further testified by a school which removed junk food and soft drinks from their school canteen. It was found that the students became calmer in class after lunch (The Food Show 2005). Therefore, students’ behavior can be improved by banning the sale of junk food in school canteens.

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Another reason why the sale of junk food in school canteens should be banned is to reduce litter. Most junk food is wrapped in plastic packaging which needs to be disposed of afterwards. Unfortunately, many irresponsible students discard junk food packaging in various places instead of waste bins (Lin Tran 2005; Smith 2005). According to Smith (2005), litter is a hazard to safety and health, increases costs and is bad for community’s image. Schools which have reduced the sale of junk food in their canteens have witnessed a reduce in the litter produced (Smith 2005). When schools’ litter problems are reduced, school groundsmen have more time to spend on maintenance projects which benefit their schools instead of picking up litter (The Food Show 2005). Hence, the sale of junk food in school canteens
should be banned in order to reduce litter.

The next reason ban the sale of junk food in school canteens is that schools have the responsibility to take care of their students’ health. According to Lin Tran (2005), the nutritional value of food eaten by Australian children has been continuously dropping over the past three decades. Therefore, schools should educate young people about good nutrition and promote good eating habits through healthy food policies (The Food Show 2005). Healthy foods in the canteen can reinforce the messages that students receive in the classroom about good nutrition. Also, soft drinks should not be sold in school canteens because the dental health of Australia’s primary school children is declining (Lin Tran 2005). Indeed, Health Foundation (2005) pointed out that many of the popular snack foods including biscuits, chips and hamburgers have low nutritional value. This further reinforces the reason for school canteens to stop selling junk food.

In conclusion, the sale of junk food in school canteens should be banned in order to improve student’s behavior, reduce litter in schools and it is indeed the school’s responsibility to take care of students’ health. Once students discover healthy and delicious alternatives to junk food in school canteens, their desire for it will gradually wane.


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