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I have heard numerous arguments against religion. A friend of mine once dismissed religion on the grounds that ‘it divides people’. I’ve heard that argument before and after that conversation I was compelled to put some thought into it. Following are some thoughts on that argument.

Religion does divide people. That is true. However, I prefer the word separate rather than divide and you will see later why. Religion does group people into different sects. Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus. These differences sometimes can cause disagreements and hostility between people of different religious backgrounds. Wars have been waged in the past and present in the name of religion and often times the resentment follows through generations to come.

But here’s the thing people tend to overlook. Religion divides people; but so does race, ethnicity, nationality, political philosophies (democracy vs communism), language (Quebec vs English Canada) etc. Look at the wars that have been waged in the past century. At least 60 million people have died in armed conflicts in the past 100 years. How many of these wars were ‘religious’? Did the Americans bomb Hiroshima for religious reasons? Did Stalin massacre thousands for religious reasons? Did the genocide in Rwanda happen for religious reasons?

The number of people that been killed in so called ‘religious wars’ is miniscule compared to those in secular wars. So the point is, why insult religion and put down its beauty by making it responsible for our disunity? Look at all the hate that has resulted because of democracy. I’ve never heard any one ridicule democracy or blame wars on it. Why the double standard?

Here is what people need to understand. Humans are inherently different from one another. No matter what you do, people will disagree over one matter or another and will always have different opinions. As humans we all have an identity, a set of values or a philosophy which suits our rational faculties. We cling onto people who share this identity and pledge allegiance to them. No matter what one tries to do, this cannot be changed and is in fact something that God has programmed into us and is there for a reason. God says in the Quran,

“If thy Lord had so willed, He could have made mankind one people: but they will not cease to dispute” (Quran 11:118)

“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you nations and tribes, that you may know one another” (Quran 49:13)

I gather three things from the above verses. One the confirmation that we have been purposely made different and have been split into nations and tribes. Second that disputation is also a part of our nature and even if we were one nation we’d continue to dispute over religious matters. Lastly, the purpose behind our divisions: to learn from each other and not to despise one another. Living in peace and learning to co-exist is a divine trial and we as humans ought to live up to it.

If anything, religion unites people that are divided. Look at the history of the Arabian Peninsula before and after Islam for example. The Arabs had a strong sense of tribalism and maintaining the honour of their particular tribe was of utmost importance to them. This resulted in never ending wars where one tribe was always trying to take revenge and shedding blood in order to remain ‘honourable’. After the advent of Islam, not only was the Arabian Peninsula united but along with it were Eastern Europe, North Africa, India and Western China.

‘Okay fine, religion isn’t the only thing that divides people and maybe it can unite people sometimes too. But what about hostility, hate and resentment between people of different faiths? Wouldn’t our world be more peaceful without all this religious bigotry? One less reason to hate’

What people don’t understand when they ask the above question is the following: Religion isn’t the cause of hate amongst people; religion is the justification for hate. No religion inherently preaches hate. No religion inherently teaches one to be hateful to others; they preach the opposite in fact. Yes, religious people differ but differences don’t equal hate. Theological disagreements don’t usually amount to hate and deep rooted resentment.

Hate is a human problem. It is a manifestation of anger, pride, greed, struggle for power and other human flaws. The Palestinians don’t hate Israelis because they are Jewish; they hate them because they are oppressed by them. Even in that case, religion is used as a justification for hatred.

Some people argue that a world without religion might not be perfect, but at least better than what it is today. I argue that we’d be in a position that is far worse as the good that religious values bring far out weight the divisions attributed to religion. The divisions would remain the same even if you remove religion. People would find other excuses to justify hate and oppression. Removing religion would just rid the world of the good that it brings about.

Like this:



  • Pride, hatred, misdirected jealousy, envy, scorn, lies, and deceitfulness divide the world not religion.

    Only a FOOL dwells on FOOLISH things!!!! The foundation of the world itself doesn't divide people even though there are 7 continents with oceans stretching all across the Earth. PEOPLE DIVIDE THE WORLD with their own RATIONALE, CORRUPT POLITICS, RACISM, PORNOGRAPHY, ROAD RAGE, ONLINE TROLLING TO CAUSE DISHARMONY, SOCIETAL CLASSES, PREJUDICE, EVIL EMPLOYERS, AND UNETHICAL WHORE DRIVEN CORPORATIONS.

    Religion does NOT divide people. Religion separates the GOOD from the EVIL. So don't EVER say anything bad about religion if you know what's best for you. OWNED.

  • No

    A proper interpretation of religion would bring everyone together. Religion does not create a rift between people, people create a rift between people by being unwilling to accept others for their different perceptions and ways of practicing their faith. Even Christians can't see that their many denominations all practice the same faith and love for Jesus Christ, but still they choose to be divided amongst themselves. This is not because of religion, this is because of the way human beings interpret religion and ignore all the religious texts that say love one another, don't kill, be compassionate, show mercy and practice humility.

  • Religion is supposed to unite

    Religion in itself does not divide. The term "religion" translates as "to bind, to connect". The purpose of religion is to connect us with some sort of ultimate reality or being, something like God or similar to God(Hinduism's Brahman, Buddhism's Nirvana, Confucianism's Will of Heaven or Taoism's Tao). It's not the religion that separates, it's the people involved.

  • Of course not

    Cuz basically yeah there would be no world or community without religion or faith. We would all be the same with no cultures and traditions so who ever syas that religion divides us is wrong as religion really unies us!!! We would be sad and depresses without the fun of religion.

  • Religion does divide the world but it is not the only factor responsible for this division!!!

    Religion pertains to a collection of beliefs,cultural systems and world views that relate to humanity. Now, when this religion strikes, people belonging to a specific religious group get assembled against other groups, given the different beliefs separating different religious groups! It then morphs to a matter of dispute among distinct religions which ends up dividing the world...Besides, majority of world wars have been waged because of different religious groups sharing unalike views and beliefs.
    However though, religion ONLY does not trigger world division!! The latter is also engendered by cut-throat competition among countries stretching across the globe, race, incompatibility, arrogance, immaturity,distinct cultures and many others which give a 'helping hand' to drift apart the world and its people!
    But...As long as people resides in the world...These desirable and undesirable things would never cease to exist bcuz of different people with different perceptions,morals and opinions! Just as a person cannot be perfect...So can't the world!

  • It just doesn't.

    For example, Christians say that Jesus was all peaceful. However there is a line in the bible where he commands all non-believers to be bought before him and executed. Religion shouldn't matter. We all came from the same place. We're all made from the same thing. We all live on the same planet. This is what counts. Not what part of the planet we're from, but that we're all on it together, so why fight??

  • Religion is awesome

    The only religon that makes sense is Islam and that unites every muslim together in the world. Allah is the greatest and deserves to be worshipped but many atheists deny god but think about your stupid big bang theory something must have created the first initial point for the big bang to happen.

  • People divide, not religion.

    People from day one state and teach their opinion, but they fail to remember that God holds them accountable for false teachings. Therefore they must continue to search for biblical truths before teaching and repeating what they have learned. When unfounded teachings are taught we get a world of confusing ideas that are false and it divides people.

  • Read What the Religion Actually States

    Have you heard of the golden rule??? Treat other people like you would treat yourself, and this is in the majority of all world religions, who in the world would want to create disturbances and pain to himself, but it is the nature of man to divide himself into groups. Democracy is a perfect example of that are you either (democratic or republican), why do you think Communism doesn't work, people will not be willing to be together and if they were, someone would abuse it, In addition it is nationalism that divides people more, you have non religious societies such as China\Japan and do you think they like to co-operate with each other. Did you know there is no actual Muslim state but all the Muslim states are currently based on a hybrid system between nationalistic beliefs and mixed with religious beliefs, the people in power continue to cherry pick laws to suit there own needs. Religion is only advice, people can choose to take it or not to take it. "There shall be no compulsion in the [acceptance of] the religion.". Chapter 2 verse 256, Quran. Jesus in Christianity was know to be a peaceful man, and you know about Buddha and meditation. Listen instead of worrying about if religion is peaceful or not you should worry about whether it is correct or not, In my opinion as a Muslim, I believe the scientific predictions as shown by Quranic Gems by Nouman Ali Khan, and talks by Ahmed Deedat, or even social talks by Malcolm X (after leaving the nation of islam) can show how religion can largely benefit people, and don't just believe me but research what the religion actually states and you Insha-Allah will begin to understand that religion is a way to make humans, who are constantly in conflict with one another, help one another, particularly when it comes to peaceful arrangements, such as the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah and note that it was not the religious who broke the treaty, but the non-religious who broke the treaty, in the end of the day if it was not religion, just look at you're own countries and how they hate one another like rivalries in football games, and understand what the religions actually say; I conclude with "do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters." Surat 28 verse 77, Quran.
    And when Muslims meet each other what do we say to one another, "Salaam wa alaykum" which means Peace be with you.

  • Religion does not divide.

    , it unites; it is the politicians and rulers who in the name of religion, democracy and humanity divide the people.

    The earth is the place where people living. One man black, one man red, one man brown, and another men with various colours. One man with a nature and another man with another nature. One is soft and another is anger. One man is bluffing, and another man is always true. Taking earth, the life style differs from area to area, also taking climate one area with heavy rain, and another area totally hot. So, we see differences in every aspect in this earth. Though we are living different countries, the religion alone unifying us.

    Religion by default unites, but we use different misinterpretations to make separations.

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