Student Politics In Bangladesh Essay Definition

Student politics means the politics among the students. Violence in the campus and session jam is created because of the student politics.  It is, now a days, one of the greatest problems of Bangladesh. It is not only our national problem but also an international problem. At present, we can not lead a peaceful and normal life because of this problem. Whenever we read a newspaper, we can see the bad sides of student politics. It harms not only a single person but also all over the country. If this problem increases day by day, Bangladesh will have to face a critical situation. In the developed countries, this kind of problem is very rare. In our country, everybody feels this problem, but nobody takes proper step to remove it. The bad effects of student politics are very dangerous. It ruins our social status.
As it is a main problem of Bangladesh, we have to remove it. For this, the government has to take proper step and pass a new law against this. Not only government but also politicians, thinkers, social workers and all the people of Bangladesh have to be more conscious of removing this problem. Telling in short, to develop our country, we all have to try to stop student politics.

April 8, 2009: STUDENTS are a component of civil society who can lead the nation towards sustainable development. From time immemorial the student community has been playing an important and unparalleled role in nation building. In China, Japan, the USA and many other countries, the students are contributing a lot for social mobility. Democracy, good governance and right-based development depend on a vibrant student community.
Though every human being is a student from cradle to grave, there is a specific time -- the periphery of life in educational institutions, which is considered 'student life'. Student life should be spent in study and interaction with all in order to develop the human caliber for future leadership. As Lenin rightly mentioned in his university lecture, "read, read and read."
In Bangladesh, the more challenging phase of studentship is university/ college education which is highly influenced by criminalized politics. In each so-called political party in Bangladesh, we mark student wings which are used to demonstrate muscle power that goes against everything that an egalitarian society stands for.
The political parties, devoid of sound theories and pragmatism of politics, deliberately nourish and patronise unhealthy student politics only for their vested interest, setting aside the greater interest of the nation.
One need not be a social scientist to understand the reasons behind today's student politics. It is a synonym for hooliganism, hijacking, extortion, robbery and what not. After independence, dozens of students and non-students have been murdered in educational institutions due to campus violence triggered by venomous political parties' student wings.The present kind of student politics is a colossal wastage for the whole nation. All the sufferers know how diabolical the behaviour of the student political entities can be. Student politics in Bangladesh is diametrically opposite to what real student politics should be. Real student...

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