Essay On Water Is Precious

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Short Essay on 'Water' (200 Words)

Short Essay on 'Water' (200 Words)
'Water' is one of the natures precious gifts to mankind. All living things consist mostly of water eg. the human body is of two thirds of water. It is clear, colourless liquid that appears blue when viewed through a thickness of 20 ft. The colour reflects not only from physical causes but also from suspended impurities. The freezing point of water is 0degree centigrade and its boiling point is 100 degree centigrade.

Water is the most essential component of life and is vital for sustenance. The importance of water in our diet is apparent as it helps the body to perform specific metabolic tasks and regulates our body temperature, moreover water is unique as it's density is similar to that of cell protoplasm. There is no doubt that water is everywhere and it is very important to our Earth and the life inhabiting it. Water contains no calories and is a significant factor in losing weight. It is the key component in determining the quality of our lives and is a universal solvent.

We should teach children to turn off faucets tightly after use, adjust sprinklers to water your lawn. Plant in the fall when conditions are cooler and collect water used for rinsing fruits and vegetables to water house plants, wash your pets outdoors in an area of your lawn that needs water and repair leaking pipes, harvest rain water. People use up our planets fresh water faster than it can naturally be replenished so, save water for the Earth, family and community. Cultural views of water are based on predominent religious views, like the Ganges river in Hinduism. Water is known as the elixir of life. So Conserve water to save life.

Water: A Precious Resource, save each and every drop of water

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We use water for many purposes like drinking, washing, bathing, cooking etc. Most of the time we take water for granted. It is only during the summer season we can understand the value of it, when we have to face its shortage. This article gives an insight into the precious commodity that is water.

The date 22nd March,almost we all remember it, but why? Yes, because it is celebrated as the world water day. Water is vital for life on earth. All animals and plants need water to survive. Human beings need water the most. Our body itself contains more then 70% of water. Some vegetables and fruits like tomato and water melon contains more then 95% of water. Water is a big necessity of every man or we can say that it is necessary for every living thing. Plants, animals and humans can't live even a day without water. If we don't drink water, one full day we start feeling dizziness. Plants wilt and ultimately can dry if they are not properly watered.

The amount of water needed by a person for drinking, washing, cooking and maintaining proper hygiene is aproximately of 50 liters per person per day. This amount is about two or three buckets of water per person. If we get this amount of water we should consider our self fortunate, because in today's world many areas are suffering from the water scarcity. In some places, especially during summer months there is an acute shortage of water. Taps running dry in many areas, we can see long queues for water, people fights for their turns. After such a mess also they do not get sufficient water for their needs. We can also see many marches, rallies and protests etc… the local people, for the demand of water. It is a common sight which can be seen during summer season. But some parts or the desert areas suffer this problem through out the year.

The planet, where we all live is earth. When we see our earth from the space it appears blue in colour. This is because 71% of earth is covered with water. There are many vast oceans, seas, rivers, lakes etc. But all these are going dry day by day. Shortage of water has become a world wide problem, especially in the under developed areas. In those areas water supply is appropriate. There are no water lines connected, yet. The people there have to walk several kilometers to fetch water. They draw water from the nearby lakes, rivers or some wells etc. The people of these areas have to suffer a lot.

Therefore, the water cycle is necessary for all life on earth. The main reason of the scarcity of water is the increasing population. Because of this increasing population there is a rapid growth of industries, irrigation requirement are growing day by day. We need to be worried about this problem. We all should thing about this increasing population and the bad affects of this increment. The main thing is that, only the humans can save this earth. Animals and plants also need water, but they can't help us in water conservation. Humans only will have to take proper steps to save and conserve water.

For human beings there are number of ways, they can adopt to minimize the wastage of water. Few of them can be such as turn the tap off while not in use, as while brushing or washing clothes or vegetables etc. You should not let your children to pollute the water. Don't throw the water unnecessarily. Use less water for bathing. Adopt the rain water for some purposes. Mop the floors instead of washing them. And in the same way there are many ways by which we can save water. We should make each and every person aware of the problems which arise due to the scarcity of water on earth..

There is a true proverb in Hindi (Jal hai to Kal hai) which means if there is water then only our future is safe. Therefore, from today only lets all of us start saving each and every drop of water. The only drop saved by each person can give life to the other person who needs it. Conserve this precious resource.


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