Cover Letter For A Material Handler

Sample Cover letter for Material Handler

Like while writing article its summary plays important role, similarly while applying for job, along with resume cover letter plays equal important role. The Material Handler is very competitive in nature, and so have a look at the sample letter before preparing the final cover letter.

(Write your name and address)

Barry Crider
1070 Echo Lane
Phone: 269-767-5826

(Write Employer’s name and address)

Tony Moore
Humana Inc.
2072 Clover Drive
Colorado Springs

Date: 16-11-2010

Dear Mr.Moore,

(In first paragraph, include the information like why you are writing, position you are applying for and source of the job listing)

Working as Material Handler is what I am expert at and would like to showcase my expertise at Humana Inc.. I was honored to know about the vacancy from Simply Hired and the Kalamazoo place mentioned in also convenient for me.

(In second paragraph, include the summary of your work experience.)

My work experience includes:

  • I have been working in the luxury market for around 2 years and I have been looking after inventory of around 50 million euros,
  • My job has been centred on stocktaking,
  • Kitting, stock control and picking/despatch of basic transceivers.
  • On a daily basis I check mobile phones coming off the production line book in and transfer into our stock and await paper work from our planning department for despatch of the handsets.
  • I every morning before any work was carried out completed stocktaking of around 10,000 luxury mobile phones.

(In third paragraph, thanks the employer and include the information about how you follow up)

Kindly let me know the date suitable to you for the interview purpose so that you can make out my strength towards the required work. It’s grateful for me that you took time for going through my letter.

Yours Sincerely
(Barry Crider)

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Material Handler Cover Letter

Material Handlers coordinate the process of storing, moving, and distributing hazardous and non-hazardous materials. This job doesn’t require formal education, but extensive on-the-job training is usually provided. Common job duties of a Material Handler include: identifying items, packing and transporting materials, adhering to safety procedures, disposing of materials as regulated by law, using heavy equipment to move materials, and maintaining material records.

A reliable Material Handler should be able to demonstrate the following skills and abilities throughout his or her cover letter:

  • Organization and planning
  • Attention to safety
  • Being able to follow instructions
  • Deadline orientation
  • Time management
  • Data entry skills
  • Attention to details
  • Computer competences
  • Teamwork
  • Effective communication

The Material Handler example cover letter displayed beneath showcases comparable skills and experience.

For help with your resume, check out our extensive Material Handler Resume Samples.

Dear Mr. Gordon:

With the enclosed resume, I would like to express my sincere interest in the Material Handler position you have available. As a detail-oriented and reliable professional with key experience transporting and storing a wide variety of inventory in warehouse environments while ensuring compliance to regulations, I possess the knowledge and skill set to allow me to contribute toward the success of your company.

My background includes packing and unpacking goods, disposing of materials as necessary, loading orders onto pallets, and replenishing warehouse supplies while working collaboratively with peers and management to maximize productivity. Furthermore, I am adept at adhering to warehouse goals and requirements while facilitating streamlined operations and ensuring top-notch accuracy and efficiency.

The following achievements demonstrate my qualification for this position:

  • Loading and unloading materials safely and efficiently by using various heavy machinery such as forklifts, pallet jacks, and other operating equipment.
  • Successfully packing more than 1,850 orders without incident as a Material Handler for Paulson Supply Co.
  • Facilitating pick-up of various materials according to RF scanners’ instructions from scanned LPN labels.
  • Efficiently packing boxes with goods through strategic arrangement of items to fit based on size, weight, and dimensions.
  • Earning a reputation as an outstanding team player and leader; regularly commended by superiors for solid work ethic and dedication to excellence.

My proven ability to skillfully handle a wide array of materials, along with my strong skills in communication and problem solving, will contribute immensely to the success of your company.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Kevin L. Delozier


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