Essay On College Students Face A Number Of Pressures

Pressures Students Face
Imagine sitting in a classroom full of college students. They are from all walks of life. What could possibly be going on in the heads of those students? For instance could it be about the girl or boy that they have a crush on? Maybe they are wondering what they will do after school today? No, most of these students are working jobs to pay bills and tuition for the college they are attending. Also trying to maintain a good grade average which has to be a C or higher.

These are some of the pressures that most college students have to face in this time of their lives. First, the pressures to perform academically are one of the primary causes of stress for all students. Most colleges recommend that students maintain a 2.0 GPA and a C average or better in order to keep the finical aide they received and to pass their semesters. First, coursework can be very demanding. For instance students who want to do their best and excel in school will want to make the top grades and struggle to get into graduate schools places a lot of pressure on them. If a student falls below a C average they will not pass the semester that they are taking and will lose what finical aide that was acquired for them to attend college. So keeping good grades is the main pressure they have to face besides having to pay to go to college.

In addition to paying for college is another pressure that a college student has to face every year Students have to make sure there are enough funds for books, classes, supplies, and if so rooms. Many students face financial stresses. Students have to find enough money to pay for their tuition as well as getting enough funds to cover living expenses and traveling expenses back and forth while attending college. Furthermore students that have sufficient funds to pay for college still have to worry about repaying the loans that they have gotten before even graduating from college and joining the work force. Finally, being a full time student and working a full time job can be overwhelming for college students.

Taking full time classes and juggling a job puts a lot of pressure on students and leaves little time for them to study and attend classes. Friedrich Nietzsche once quoted That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Meaning that if students can juggle jobs and college that will only make them stronger and better at what they do. Therefore, college students face pressures by trying to work, making sure they maintain good grades and having enough tuition to pay for the college. Students have to face so many pressures going to college this is only a few of them. Being a full time student and working is not an easy job but people who want to get anywhere in their lives have to better their education so they can get better job opportunities. Many students with a lot of pressures just want to give up and quit at times. But as Winston Churchill once quoted Never, never, never give up. They just need to keep trying and no matter what once they graduate and have degree in their hands it will be well worth the pressures they had to endure during college.

Have you ever gotten mad for being a student? In fact, being a student is having a lot of fun, lots of wonderful and useful things to learn. However, it is not easy to be as most of people think, especially you are an international student. Living and studying in a foreign country may cause some pressures from many sources. There are three main pressures that most of international students have are financial pressure, social pressure, and family pressure. First, finance is the first thing that students always worry about it. It concludes tuition, rent, and money for personal things such as food, clothing, or textbooks.

It is easy to see that the more you move up your level, the more tuition you pay. For example, my tuition at high school in Vietnam was about 500 dollars for a quarter, but it increases to 3000 dollars at college in the US. In addition, the cost for rent in here is so high. In Seattle, I have to pay about 400 dollars for a month and maybe it will increase in many years. Living far away my country means I have to buy everything news from clothing, food to vehicle. Unfortunately, they are not cheap as my hometown, so I always contemplate deciding buying something. All of them about finance make me worry, I scare that my parent can’t pay for me in many years. Another pressure of students is social problems. It is quite difficult for international students to make friends in the new country.

Many students from different countries study together in the same school. Therefore, differences about language, culture, or circumstance are obstacles for making friends. For example, my new Thai friend told me that she had problem in making friends with foreign students because of her bad English. She was so ashamed when she talked face to face with someone, and it took about three months to fit in. Some students also have bad habit like they compare with each other everything from vehicles, clothing, and phones to money. It makes many students think about what they have and don’t have. So far, they won’t focus their studies, but they pay more money for buying something they don’t have. The last pressure is family. Almost parents want their children have a good grade, involve activities at school to get experience, or have to choose a common major…However, they don’t really understand what their children like or what subject they are good at.

For instance, my parents graduated in universities, so both of them want me complete my studies better than them. It is hard to explain why they make me stress. Although they don’t talk about my studies too much, I know they want me succeed to many. Sometimes I am very stressful because of them; however, I think that I should have responsibility to make them satisfy and happy because of large amount of money they’ve paid for me to study. In conclusion, the pressures of being a student overall is not easy, but hard. But we, the student, overtime have come to accept the pressures that we have accumulated and basically found different ways around them. If you take it serious that you will have a big pressure. Try to think over the positive aspects of being a student. Essentially the pressures of being a student are life itself; which is associated with financial pressure, social problems pressure, and family pressure.


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