Succeeding With Your Master Dissertation Pdf Merge

How do I plan a dissertation proposal? How do I clarify my research objectives? How do I conduct a literature review? What is essential to focus on while writing my Master's dissertation? This practical book offers straightforward guidance to help Master's students to clarify their objectives and structure their work in order to produce a successful dissertation.

Using case examples of both good and bad student practice, the handbook takes students through each step of the dissertation process, from their initial research proposal to the final submission. The author uses clear illustrations of what students need to do - or not do - to reach their potential, helping them to avoid the most common pitfalls.

This essential handbook covers: Producing focused and relevant research objectives Writing your literature review Citing your sources correctly Clearly explaining your use of research methods Writing up your findings Summarizing your work by linking your conclusions to your initial proposal Understanding marking schemes Aimed primarily at Master's students or students on short postgraduate courses in business, humanities and the social sciences, this book is also key reading for supervisors and undergraduates considering postgraduate study.

posted about 7 years ago

Faerie, I'm afraid I don't have Linux. i'm not very technical either but I assumed that, when merging 2 documents it'll virtually be 1+1, where they're 'glued' together? I need the document to become part of my thesis if that makes sense. So this 50 page document is part of my qual analysis, it contains some writing on it, hence why I had to scan it and I can't simply copy and paste the original transcript. I need to append it because paper trail is needed so that examiners can see where my results arose from.

In terms of the document, imagine that you attach a pdf to word, you can see the whole pdf document within the word document, you can also see your headers and footers incl page numbers on word. That's what I need the final product to be. It'd be the same if you were attaching a picture or anything else, but because I need to attach many pages, I'm wondering if there's a way of attaching more than one page at a time... time is precious right now!

Okay, now I get it. I doubt there is an easier way than page-by-page including but hopefully I'm mistaken :)


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