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This update of our Sindarin Dictionary is for the first time in English, in the ... In this dictionary, you will find only the words, without any etymology, always in a ...

Ambar Eldaron Presents its Elvish Dictionnary

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Version 2.0 October 2008


List of abbreviations : adj. adv. conj. f. interj. m. pl. pp. préf. prép. p. pr. pron. sg. vb. [...]


adjective adverb conjunction feminine interjection masculine plural past participle prefixe preposition present participle pronoun or pronominal singular verb plural

Sindarin - English


This update of our Sindarin Dictionary is for the first time in English, in the context of the new English part of our website. We have tried to present you a practical linguistic tool. In this dictionary, you will find only the words, without any etymology, always in a practical sense. For the Etymology, please have a look on Helge Fauskanger’s Sindarin Wordlist You will find also a lot of interesting grammatical features on Thorsten Renk’s website: and of course on the very good Sindarin Lexicon website

In this edition, we present you more words, but also more plural forms. We’ve chosen mainly the analogical construction when it’s doubtful.

We hope this dictionary will be useful

This dictionary exists in book form too. Please refer to our website if you’re interested in it.



a interj. O! a conj. and ab (ab-) prep./pref. after ablad [eblaid] name prohibition, refusal Abonnen [Ebennin] name born after achad name neck acharn [echern] name vengeance achas [echais] name dread, fear ad prep. against; again ad- pref. again, back, second ada [edai] name daddy adab [edaib] name building, house adan [edain] name Man adanadar [edenedair] name Father of Men adaneth [edenith] name mortal woman adar [edair] name father adel adv. prep. behind adertha- vb. reunite aderthad [aderthaid] name reunion adlann adj. sloping, tilted adlanna- vb. slant, slope adlant [edlaint] adj. slanting, oblique adlant [edlaint] adj. oblique, slanting adleitha- vb. free, release adleitha- vb. release, free adlod [adloen] adj. sloping, tilted aduial [aduiail] name evening, twilight ae conj. if aear [aeair] name ocean, sea Aearon [Aearyn? Gaearyn?] name great sea, ocean aeg [aeg] name peak, horn aeg [aeg] adj. sharp, pointed aegas [aegais] name mountain peak aeglir [aeglir] name range of mountain peaks aeglos [aeglys] name icicle aeglos [aeglys] name gorse ael [aelin] name lake, pool aer [aeair] name sea aerlinn [aerlinn] name hymn aeruil [aeruil] name seaweed aes [aes] name cooked food aew [aew] name bird (small) agar name glory, brilliance, glitter agarwaen [agarwaen] adj. bloodstain

aglar [eglair] name glitter, brilliance, glory aglar [eglair] name brilliance, glitter, glory aglareb adj. glorious aglonn [eglynn] name defile, pass between high walls agor [egyr] adj. narrow ah conj. and ai interj. hail! aiglos [aiglys] name plant, bush aith [aith] name point of spear al- pref. not alae! interj. Ah! alag [elaig] adj. impetuous, rushing alagos [elegys] name storm of wind alfirin [alfirin] name immortal, name of a flower alph [eilph] name swan am- pref. going up amar [emair] name world amarth [emerth] name doom, fate amarthan [emerthain] adj. fated amath [emaith] name shield wall ambenn adv. uphill amdir [amdir] name hope (based on a reason) amloth [emlyth] name crest of a helmet amlug [emlyg] name snake, serpent amman? adv. why? ammen pron. us amon [emyn] name hill, steep-sided mount amrún [emrŷn] name Orient, sunrise, East an prep. for an- pref. for anann adv. long, for a long time anc [ainc] name jaw, row of teeth and name door and adj. long andaith [andaith] name long mark andrann [endrain] name age, cycle andrath [endraith] name climb, high pass Anfang [Enfeng] name Longbeard (tribe of Dwarves Anfangrim pl. coll. Longbeards (people)


ang [eng] name iron angerthas name runic alphabet anglenna- vb. approach angol [engyl] name magic, deep lore angos [engyl] name horror angren [engryn] adj. of iron angwedh [engwidh] name chain, iron bond anim pron. for me aníra- vb. desire ank [enk] name jaw anna- vb. give annabon [ennebyn] name elephant anneth [ennith] name giving annon [ennyn] name gate, door annû- pref. west annui [annui] adj. western annûn [ennŷn] name Sunset, West Annúnaid name Westron Anor [Anoer] name Sun ant [aint] name gift anu [eny] adj. male anwar [enwair] name awe aphada- vb. follow aphadon [ephedyn] name follower aphadrim name followers ar conj. and ar- pref. outside, without ar- pref. noble, high, royal âr [êr?] name King ara- pref. noble, high, royal arad [eraid] name day araf [eraif] name wolf aran [erain] name king aranarth name kingdom, realm aras [erais] name deer archam [erchaim] name throne ardh [erdh] name realm, region ardhon [erdhyn] name province, great region

arn adj. noble, royal arnad [ernaid] name kingdom arnediad [arnediaid?] adj. numberless, unnumbered arnen [ernin] adj. royal arod [aroed] adj. noble aronoded [erenedid] adj. countless, innumerable arphen [erphin] name noble (man) arth [erth] adj. exalted, lofty, noble arwen [erwin] name noble lady ascar [escair] adj. violent, rushing, impetuous asgar adj. violent, rushing, impetuous ast [aist] name dust, sand, ash ath- pref. on both sides athan prep. beyond athar prep. across, beyond atheg [ethig] name thumb; little father athelas [ethelais] name kingsfoil athra- pref. cross athrabeth [ethrebith] name debate athrad [ethraid] name crossing, ford athrada- vb. traverse, cross athranna- vb. wrong, mistake aur [oer] name day, morning auth [oeth] name war, battle auth [oeth] name apparition (spectral or vague) av- pref. don't do ava- vb. will not avad [evaid] name refusal, reluctance avar [evair] name Elf of Beleriand, also used of Easterlings, Avari avo! vb. don't avorn [evyrn] adj. staying awarth name abandonment awartha- vb. abandon

B bach [baich] name article for exchange, ware, thing bachor [bechyr] name pedlar bad- vb. go bâd [baid] name pathway, beaten track badhor [bedhyr] name judge


badhron [bedhryn] name judge bain [bain] adj. beautiful, fair bâl [bsil] name. divinity, divine power bâl [bsil] adj. divine balan [belain] name Vala, divinity balch [boeg] adj. cruel

balrog [belryg?] name fire demon band [baind] name custody, prison baneth name beauty banga- vb. trade bâr [bair] name dwelling, house, home, family, land, earth bara [berai] adj. eager, fiery barad [beraid] adj. doomed barad [beraid] name fortress, fort, tower baradh [beraidh] adj. steep baran [berain] adj. brown. Swart, dark brown, yellow brown, golden-brown bartha- vb. doom basgorn [besgyrn] name loaf, round bread bass [bais] name bread bassoneth [bassonith] name bread-giver (fem.) batha- vb. trample baudh [boedh] name judgment, sentence baug [boeg] adj. oppressive, cruel, tyrannous baugla- vb. constrain, oppress bauglir [bauglir] name constrainer, oppressor, tyrant baugron [baugryn] name constrainer, oppressor, tyrant baul [boel] name torment baur [boer] name need baw interj. no! don't! be adv. accordong to, as, like bel [bil] name strengh beleg [belig] adj. great, mighty bell [bill] adj. strong in body bellas [bellais] name strengh ben prep. according to benn [binn] name man, husband bennas [bennais] name angle beren adj. bold bereth [berith] name spouse, queen beria- vb. protect

bertha- vb. dare bess [biss] name woman, wife bessain [bessain] name bread giver (fem.) blab- vb. beat (wings) bo prep. on boda- vb. ban, prohibit boe vb. must bôr [býr] name trusty man, steadfast man bora- vb. trust born [byrn] adj. hot both [byth] name puddle, small pool bragol [bragoel] adj. sudden braig [braig] adj. fierce, wild brand [braind] adj. fine, high, lofty, noble brannon [brennyn] name lord brass [brais] name white heat brassen adj. white-hot brêg [brîg] adj lively, sudden, quick breged [bregid] adv. suddenly breged [bregid] name suddenness, violence bregedúr [bregedŷr] name wildfire bregol [bregoel] adj. sudden, violent bregolas [bregolais] name fierceness breitha- vb. break out suddenly brenia- vb. endure brennil [brennil] name lady brethil [brethil] name birch tree brith [brith] name gravel brithon [brithoen] adj. pebbly brôg [brýg] name bear brona- vb. last, survive bronad [brenaid] gérondif survival bronadui [bronadui] adj. enduring bronwe name endurance brui [brui] adj. loud, noisy brûn [bruin] adj. old, worn buia- vb. serve, hold allegiance bund [bynd] name snout, nose býr name vassal, follower

C cab- vb. leap cabed [cebid] name leap cabor [cebyr] name frog cadu [cedy] adj. formed, shaped cadwar [cedwair] adj. shapely

cae [cae] name earth caeda- vb. lie (on the ground cael [cael] name lying in bed, sickness caeleb [caelib] adj. bedridden, sick caer cardinal ten


caew [caew] name lair, resting place cai [cî] name hedge cail [cail] name fence with spikes and sharp stakes cair [cîr] name ship calad [celaid] name light calan [celain] name day, daylight calar [celair] name lamp calardan [celerdain] name lampwright calben [celbin] name Elda calen [celin] adj. green callon [cellyn] name hero calph [celph] name vessel (water) cam [caim] name hand camlann [cemlain] name hand's palm can- vb. call, shout, cry out canad cardinal four canas [cenais] name town, city canath [cenaith] name farthing, fourth part cand [caind] adj. bold cannas [cennais] name shaping cannui ordinal fourth cant [caint] name outline, shape canthui adj. fourth car- vb. build, make, do car [cair] name building, house carab [ceraib] name hat carach [ceraich] name jaw, row of teeth caraes [caraes] name hedge of spikes carag [ceraig] name spike, tooth of rock caran [cerain] adj. red caras [cerais] name town, city carch [cerch] name fang cardh [cerdh] name deed, house, building cared [cerid] name doing, making cast [caist] name headland, cape cathrae [cathrae] name tressure. hairnet caul name affliction, heavy burden caun [coen] name clamour, outcry, cry, shout caw [coe] name top ceber [cebir] name stake, spike cêf [cîf] name soil cefn [cifn] adj. earthen cefnas [cefnais] name earthenware cel [cil] name stream, little river celair adj. brilliant celeb [celib] name silver celebren [celebrin] adj. like silver


celeg [celig] adj. agile, swift celeth [celith] name stream, flowing celevon adj. of silver cell [cill] adj. flowing celon [celyn] name river celos [celys] name spring (water) celu [cely] name source, spring cen- vb. see cened [cenid] name sight, seeing cenedril [cenedril] name mirror cennan [cennain] name potter cerch [circh] name sickle ceredir [ceredir] name doer, maker cerin [cerin] name mound, enclosure certh [cirth] name rune certhas [certhais] name alphabet (runic) cerveth name July ceven [cevin] name earth cil- vb. choose cîl [cîl] name renewal cîl [cîl] name cleft, pass between hills, gorge círbann [círbain] name haven círdan [círdain] name shipbuilder cirion [ciryn] name sailor, shipman cirith [cirith] name cleft, cutting, pass cîw [cîw] adj. fresh, new claur [cloer] name splendour, glory côf [cyf] name bay cofn [cyfn] adj. empty col- vb. bear, carry côl name gold (metal) coll [cyll] name cloak coll [cyll] name hollow coll [cyll] adj. red, scarlet condir [condir] name mayor conui adj. commanding corch [cyrch] name crow cordof [cerdyf] name apple (small red) corf [cyrf] name ring corn [cyrn] name circle corn [cyrn] adj. circular, round corn [cyrn] adj circular, round, globed corn [cyrn] name circle coron [ceryn] name ball, globe, mound coru [cery] adj. wily, cunning cost [cyst] name quarrel coth [cyth] name enmity, enemy craban [crebain] name crow cram [craim] name cake

crann adj. ruddy of face criss [criss] name cleft, gulf, ravine crist [crist] name cleaver, sword critha- vb. reap crom [crym] name left crum [cruim] name left hand crumguru [crumgyry] adj. guilty, wily, sinister crumui [crumui] adj. left-handed cû [cui] name arch, bow, crescent cû [cui] name crescent, arch, bow cugu [cygy] name dove cuia- vb. live

cuil [cuil] name life cuin adj. alive cuina- vb. be alive cûl [cuil] name load cûm [cuim] name heap, mound cûn [cuin] adj. bent, bowed, bowshaped cund [cynd] name prince cúron [cúroen] name crescent moon curu [cyry] name cunning (device) curunír name wizard cyll [cyll] name bearer cŷr [cŷr] adj. renewed cýron [cýroen] name new moon

D dad prep. bas; en bas prep. down dadbenn [dedbinn] adv. slant down, inclined dae [dae] adj. great, large dae [dae] adv. exceedingly, very dae [dae] name shadowm shade daedelu [daedely] name canopy daen [daen] name corpse daer name bridegroom daer [daer] adj. large dâf [daif] name permission dag- vb. slay dagnir name bane dagor [degyr] name battle dagra- vb. do battle, make war dagra- vb. make war dam [daim] name hammer dambeth [dembith] name aswer, response damma- vb. hammer dan conj but, however dan prep. against dang [deng] name sound, noise dangen [dengin] pp. slain dangweth [dengwith] name answer, reply giving new information danna- vb. fall dannas [dannais] name autumn dannen pp. fallen dannen [dennin] name ebb dant [daint] name fall, falling Danwaith name Nandor

danwedh [nenwidh] name ransom dar- vb. halt, stop dartha- vb. endure, stay, wait, remain, last dath [daith] name abyss, chasm, void, gulf daug [doeg] name soldier (Orkish) daur [doer] name league, pause, stop daw [doe] name gloom, nighttime degil [digil] name victor, winner dêl [dîl] name disgust deleb [delib] adj. horrible, loathsome delia- vb. conceal delos [delys] name abhorrence, fear, horror dread, detestation, loathing delu [dely] adj. deadly, hateful, fell dem [dhim] adj. gloomy, sad Denwaith name Nandor dess [diss] name young maiden di- pref. under dî [dî] name bride, lady dî [dî] name beneath, in, under dihena- vb. forgive dîl [dîl] name stopper, stopping dilia- vb. stop up dim [dim] name stair dim [dim] name sadness, gloom dîn [dîn] name gap, opening, mountain pass dínen [dínin] adj. silent dineth name bride dîr [dîr] name male, adult male


dírnaith [dírnaith] name man-spearhead (wedge formation in battle) dîs [dîs] name bride dofn [dyfn] adj. low, gloomy dol- vb. go up dôl [dýl] name head, hill dolen [dolin] pp. hidden, secret doll [dyll] adj. dark, dusky, misty, obscure dolt [dylt] name boss, round knob doltha- vb. conceal dond [dynd] name fist donn [dynn] adj. black, swart, swarty, shady, shadowy dôr [dyr] name land, dwelling place, region dorn [dyrn] adj. stiff, tough Dornhoth name Trawn Folk (Dwarfs) doron [deryn] name oak tree dortha- vb. dwell dosta- vb. burn drafn [drefn] adj. hewn, log dram [draim] name blow, heavy stroke drambor [dramboer] name clenched fist, blow with fist draug [droeg] name wolf drava- vb. hew

dreg- vb. flee drega- vb. flee drego! vb. flee! dring [dring] name hammer dringa- vb. beat drû [drúin] adj. wild man Drúadan [Drúedain] name Wild Man Drúath name Wild Men dû [dui] name darkness, night, nightfall, dusk duin [duin] name river, large rive with current duinen [duinin] name tide duirro [duirroe] name riverbank dúlinn [dúlinn, i núlinn] name nightingale dûn [duin] name West dúnadan [dúnedain] name Númenórean, Man of the West dúnedhel [dúnedhil] name Elf of Beleriand, West-Elf, including Noldor and Sindar dûr [duir] adj. dark dúven adj. west dŷr [dŷr] name successor

E e- adv. forth, out, away ech [ich] name spine echad- vb. fashion, make, shape echad name encampment echil [echil] name follower echor [echyr] name outer ring, circle echui name awakening echuia- vb. wake up echuir [echuir] name season of stirring (spring) ecthel [ecthil] name point, spear point ed- adv. forth, out, away edaid [edaid] adj. double eden [edin] adj. begun again, new edhel [edhil] name Elf edhelharn name beryl, Elf-stone edhellen [edhellin] adj. elvish edinor name anniversary day edledh- vb. go to exile


edledhia- vb. go to exile Edledhron [Edledhryn] name Exiled Edledhron [Edledhryn] name exiled edlenn [edlinn] adj. exiled edlenn [edlinn] adj. exiled edlothia- vb. blossom edlothia- vb. flower edlothiad [edlothiaid] name flowering edonna- pref. beget edra- vb. open edrain [edrain] name border edraith [edraith] name saving, salvation edregol adv. especially edwen ordinal second êg [îg] name thorn Egladhrim name Forsaken, Sindar, Falathrim eglan [eglain] name forsaken eglan [eglain] adj. forsaken

Eglath name Forsaken (people), Sindar egleria- vb. glorify, praise egleria- vb. praise, glorify egnas [egnais] name sharp point ego! vb. be off! ego! interj. off! be off! egol name Sinda, One of the Forsaken egor conj. or eilia- vb. rain eilian [eiliain] name rainbow eiliant name rain-bow einior [einioer] adj. elder eirien [eirin] name daisy eitha- vb. insult, prick with a sharp point, stab, treat with scorn eithad [eithaid] name insult eithel [eithil] name issue of water, spring, well êl [elin] name star elanor [elanoer] name Star-Sun (flower) elanor [elanoer] name pimpernel (flower) Eledhrim name Elves (people) elen [elin] name Elf elia- vb. rain elleth [ellith] name elf-woman ellon [ellyn] name elf-man elloth [ellyth] name single flower elo! interj. admiration (exclamation of) Elrim name Elves (people) elu [ely] adj. pale blue Eluwaith name Sindar elvellon [elvellyn] name Elf-friend emel [emil] name mother emig [emig] name mother, finger index emlin name yellow bird, yellowhammer enchui ordinal sixth enedh [enidh] name center, core, middle enedhin name midyear eneg cardinal six eneth [enith] name name engui cardinal six ennas adv. there

ennin [ennin] name long year, Valian year Ennor name Middle-Earth ennorath name lands of Middle-earth ephel [ephil] name encircling fence, outer fence er- pref. lone, alone, one er [ir] adj. single, first, alone erch [irch] name prickle ercha- vb. prick, point, stick erchamion [erchemyn] name one-handed erchammon [erchemmyn] name onehanded erchammui [erchammui] name onehanded erchion [erchyn] adj. orkish ereb [erib] adj. isolated, lonely eredh [eridh] name germ, seed ereg [erig] name holly eregdos name holly eria- vb. rise, arise eriol [erioel] adj. alone, first, single ernil [ernil] name prince ertha- vb. unite erthad [erthaid] gérondif union Eru name God (the One) eru name waste, "the One" (name of God) erui adv. alone, first, single eryn [eryn] name wood, forest erynaur [erynoer] name forest-fire escal [escail] name cover, veil, screen esgal [esgail] name veil, screen esgar name bank, shore espalass name water-fall esta- vb. call, name estel [estil] name faith, hope, trust estent [estint] adj. short estolad [estelaid] name encampment ethir [ethir] name spy ethir [ethir] name estuary, mouth or outflow of a river ethuil [ethuil] name spring

F fae [fae] name soul, spirit faeg [faeg] adj. bad, poor, mean

fael [fael] name gleaming, brillance fael [fael] adj. fair-minded, just, generous


faelug [faelyg] name sparkling-dragon faen [faen] adj. radiant faer [faer] name spirit fain [fain] adj. white fair [fîr] name mortal man falas [felais] name beach, shore, coast, strand, line of surf, foaming shore falathren [felethrin] adj. of the shore Falathrim name people of the Falas falch [felch] name cleft, ravine falf [felf] name breaker, foam faltha- vb. foam fân [fain] name cloud, veil, manifested body of a Vala fang [feng] name beard fanui adj. cloudy far adv. enough fara- vb. hunt farad [ferais] name hunt, hunting faradrim name hunters (people) faras [ferais] name hunt, hunting farn adv./adj. enough faron [feryn] name hunter faroth [feryth] name hunters? fast [faist] name shaggy hair faug [foeg] adj. choking, gasping, thirsty faun [foen] name cloud faur [foer] name shore, beach feiria- vb. suffice fela [fili] name cave fend [find] name door, threshold fennas [fennais] name gateway, door fêr [ferin] name beech, mast feredir [feredir?] name hunter fern [firn] name dead

fern [firn] adj. dead, dead person fervain [fervain] adj. northern fileg [filig] name bird (small) filigod [filig] name small bird fim [fim] adj. slim, slender fîn [fîn] name hair, lock of hair, tress find [find] name lock of hair, tress fing [fing] name lock of hair finnel [finnil] name braided tress of hair fir- vb. die, fade fíreb [fírib] adj. mortal fíreb [fírib] name mortal firen [firin] adj. human firiath name Mortal Humains fíriel name mortal maiden firieth [firith] name mortal woman firin? [firin] adj. mortal firion [firyn] name mortal man firith [firith] name season of fading (autumn) flâd [flaid] adj. skilled, handy fôr name north, right forgam [fergaim] name right-handed forod name north forodrim name Northmen, Northfolk forodwaith name Northmen, Northfolk, north regions forven name north (direction) forvo [forvoe] name right hand, right side fuia- vb. abhor fuin [fuin] name darkness, gloom, night, dead of night fuir [fŷr] name, adj. right hand, north fura- vb. lie

G gad- vb. catch gador [gedyr] name dungeon, prison gae [gae] name dread, fear gaear [gaeair] name ocean, sea gaearon [gaearyn] name Great Ocean gael [gael] adj. glittering, pale gaer [gaer] adj. dreadful, fearful, holy gaer [gaer] name sea gaer [gaer] adj. reddish, coppercoloured, ruddy


gaeruil [gaeruil] name sea weed gail [gail] name fish gail [gail] adj. light (bright) gal- pref. light gala- vb. grow galad [gelaid] name light (bright), sunlight, brilliance, radiance, glittering reflection galadh [gelaidh] name tree

galadhremmen [galadhremmin] adj. tangled galadhrim name people of the Trees, Elves of Lórien galas [gelais] name growth, plant galenas [gelenais] name pipe-weed galu [geilu] name good fortune, blessing galvorn name black metal gamp [?gaimp, ?gemp] name claw, hook, crook ganna- vb. harp, play a harp gannada- vb. harp, play a harp gannel [gennil] name harp gar- vb. be able, hold, have possess, can garaf [geraif] name wolf gardh [gerdh] name defined or bounded place garn [gern] name, adj. own, property garth [gerdh] name bounded or defined place gartha- vb. defend, keep gas [gais] name hole gasdil [gasdil] name apostrophe gasdil [gasdil] name stopgap gath [gaith] name cavern gathrod [gethryd] name cave, delving, large excavation gaud [goed] name contrivance, device, machine gaul [goel] name wolf-howl gaur [goer] name werewolf gaurhoth name werewolf-host gaurwaith name outlaws (wolf-people) gaw [goe] name void gawa- vb. howl gawad [gewaid] name howling gelia- vb. learn gelir [gelir] adj. merry gell [gill] name triumph, joy gella- vb. delight gellam [gellaim] name jubilation gellui [gellui] adj. triumphant gem [gim] adj. sickly genedia- vb. reckon genediad [genediaid] name count, reckoning gern [girn] adj. worn, old (od things) gîl [gîl] name star, bright spark gildin [gildin] name silver spark gilgalad [gilgelaid] name starlight

gir- vb. shudder girith [girith] name shuddering, horror Girithon name December glad [glaid] name wood, small forest gladha- vb. laugh glae [glae] name grass glaer [glaer] name narrative poem glaew [glaew] name salve glam [glaim] name din, uporoar, tumult, shouting, confused noise, a body of Orcs glamhoth name yelling-horde glamog [glemyg] name orc glamor [glemyr] name echo glamren [glemrin] adj. echoing glân [glain] adj. white, clear glân [glain] name border gland name boundary glandagol [glendegyl] name boundary marker glanna- vb. clear, make clear glass [glais] name joy glaur [gloer] name golden light glavra- vb. babble glavrol pp. babbling glaw [gloe] name radiance, brilliance glawar [glewair] name radiance, sunlight, gold glenia- vb. bound, limit, enclose glî [glî] name honey glîn name glint of light glind [glind] name glance gling [gling] name hanging glinga- vb. dangle, hang glinna- vb. glance at glinnel [glinnil] name Teler glir- vb. recite (poem), sing glîr [glîr] name lay, poem song gloss [glyss] name dazzling white, white as snow glûdh [gluidh] name soap go- pref. together gobel [gebil] name enclosed dwelling, walled house or village gobenathren [gebenethrin] adj. historical gobennas [gebennais] name history gochel [gechil] name mass of ice gódhel [gódhil] name Noldo Gódhellim name Noldor (people) godref adv. through, together goe [goe] name great fear, dread


goeol [goeoel] adj. dire, terrible, fell gohena- vb. forgive golas [gelais] name collection of leaves, foliage golf [gylf] name branch goll [gyll] adj. wise gollor [gellyr] name wise man, mage golodh [gelydh] name Noldo Golodhrim name Noldor (people) goloth [gelyth] name fleurs Golovir [Golovir] name Noldo Jewel (Silmaril) goltha- vb. teach golu [gely] name wisdom golwen [gelwin] adj. lerned in deep arts, wise gonathra- vb. entangle, enmesh gonathras [gonathrais] name entanglement gond [gynd] name rock, great stone gondrafn [gendrefn?] name ridge, spike, stake gondram [gendrefn? / gondrem?] name ridge, spike, stake gondrath [gendraith] name causeway gondren [gendrin] adj. made of stone, stony Gonhir [ Gonhir] name Master of Stone, Dwarf gonod- vb. count, sum up gonui adj. of stone gor- vb. consel, warn gôr [gŷr] name horror, fear, dread gôr [gŷr] name vigour gorf [gyrf] name impetus gorgor [gergyr] name deadly fear gorn [gyrn] adj. hasty, vigorous, impetuous gorn [gyrn] name valour gorog [geryg] name horror goroth [geryg] name horror gorth [gyrth] adj. dead gorth [gyrth] name dead person gorthad [goerthaid] name barrow gortheb [gerthib] adj. horrible gorthrim name Deads (group of) gost [gyst] name terror, dread gosta- vb. fear, feel terror goth [gyth] name enemy govad- vb. meet


govannas name community govannen pp. met gowest [gewist] name compact, contract, treaty graug [groeg] name creature powerful, hostile and terrible graw [groe] name bear grôd [grŷd] name cave, excavation, underground dwelling groga- vb. fear grond [grynd] name club groth [gryth] name cave, delving, large excavation gruin [grui] adj. ruddy gruith [gruith] name fury gruitha- vb. terrify gûd [guid] name foe, enemy gûl [guil] name evil knowledge, magic, sorcery, necromancy guldur [gyldyr] name dark sorcery gûr [guir] name inner mind, heart gûr [guir] name death gurth [gyrth] name dearh guruth [gyryth] name death guruthos [guruthys, gyrythys] name death-horror, dread of death gwa- pref. co-, como-, together gwachae [gwachae] adj. away, remote gwachaedir [gwachaedir] name palantir, seeing stone gwador [gwedyr] name sworn brother gwaeda- vb. enfold gwaedh [gwaedh] name bond, troth, oath gwael [gwael] name gull gwaen [gwaen] adj. stained gwaeren [gwaerin] adj. windy gwaeron name March gwaew [gwaew] name storm, wind gwain [gwîn] adj. new gwaith [gwaith] name able-bodied men (troop of), manhood, manpower, host, regiment, people, region, wilderness gwaloth [gwelyth] name blossom gwanath [gwenaith] name death (act of dying) gwann [gwain] adj. dead, departed gwanna- vb. depart, die gwanod [gwenyd] name number, noun gwanu [gweny] name death by fading gwanûn [gwenyn] name pair of twin

gwanunig name twin gwanûr [gwenyr] name pair of twin gwanûr [gwenyr] name relative, brother gwanur [gwenyr] name kinsman, kinswoman gwanwel [gwenwil] name Elf of Aman gwanwen [gwenwin] name departed gwanwen [gwenwin] name Elve of Aman gwarth [gwairth] name betrayer gwass [gwais] name stain gwastar [gwestair] name hummock gwâth [gwaith] name shade, shadow, dim light gwatha- vb. soil, stain gwathel [gwethil] name sister gwathra- vb. dim, overshadow, veil, obscure gwathren [gwethrin] adj. dim, shadowy gwathui [gwathui] adj. shadowy Gwathuirim name Shadowy People (of Dunland) gwaun [goen] name goose

gwaur [goer] adj. dirty, soiled gwedh- vb. bind gwedh [gwidh] name bond, bond of loyalty gwelu name air (as substance) gwelwen name air (as a region) gwend [gwind] name maiden gwend [gwind] name bond of frienship gweneth [gwenith] name virginity gwenyn name pair of twin gweria- vb. betray, cheat gwest [gwist] name oath gwesta- vb. swear gweth [gwith] name host, army gwî [gwî] name net, web gwilith [gwilith] name air (as a region) gwilwileth [gwilwilith] name butterfly gwîn name vine, wine gwing [gwing] name foam gwinig name baby, little finger gwirith name April gwiwileth [gwiwilith] name butterfly

H hab- vb. clothe hab [haib] name clothes habad [hebaid] name shore had- vb. hurl hadhod [hedhyd] name Dwarf Hadhodren name Khuzdûl Hadhodrim name Dwarfs (people) hadlath [hedlaith] name sling hador [heidor] name thrower hadron [hedryn] name thrower of darts, hurler of darts hae [hae] adj. distant, far, on the other side, further haer [haer] adj. far, remote, distant haered [haerid] name distance haeron adj. far, distant haew [haew] name custom, habit haf- vb. sit hain pron. them (inanimates) hair [hair] adj left hair [hair] name left hand hal- vb. lift hâl [hail] adj clear, sparkling, light

hâl [hail] name fish half [helf] name seashell hall [hail] adj. hidden, veiled, shadowed hall [hail] adj. exalted, high haltha- vb. screen ham [haim] name chair hamma- vb. clothe hammad [hemmaid] name clothing hamp [haimp] name garment hanar [henair] name brother hand [haind] adj. intelligent hanna- vb. hannad [hennaid] name hannas [hennais] name understanding hâr name left (direction) south harad name south haradren [heredrin] adj. south, southern haradrim name People of the South hargam [hergaim] adj. left-handed harn [hern] name helmet harn [hern] adj. wounded harn [hern] adj. southern harna- vb. wound


hartha- vb. hope harthad [herthaid] name hope haru [hery] name wound harvo [harvoe] name left hand, left side hast [haist] name axe-stroke hasta- vb. hack through hathel [hethil] name blade (of a broadsword or axe hathol [hethyl] name axe, axe blade haudh [hoedh] name burial mound, barrow, grave, tomb haust [hoest] name bed hav- vb. sit he, hen, hene pron. she heb- vb. keep, retain helch name bitterly cold heledh [helidh] name glass heledir [heledir] name kingfisher (bird) heleg [helig] name ice helegnen [helegnin] adj. frozen heleth [helith] name fur helf [hilf] name coat (fur coat) hell [hill] name neck, throat hell [hill] adj. naked heltha- vb. strip hên [hîn] name child hend [hind] name eye heneb [henib] adj. eyed, having eyes henia- vb. understand henn [hinn] name glance henneth [hennith] name window herdir [herdir] name master heria- vb. have an impulse, begin suddently and vigorously heron [heryn] name master herth [hirth] name household, troop under a lord hervenn [hervinn] name husband hervess [hervis] name wife heryn [heryn] name lady hest name captain

hethu [hethy] adj. obscure, foggy, vague hîl [hîl] name heir him adj. cool him adj. abiding, steadfast him adv. continually hir- vb. find hîr [hîr] name lord, master hiril [hiril] name Lady hîth [hîth] name fog, mist hithu [hithy] name mist, fog Hithui name November hithui [hethy] adj. foggy, misty hîw [hîw]§ adj. sticky, viscous hobas [hebys] name harborage hoda- vb. rest hol- vb. close hollen adj. closed hon pron. he honeg [honig] name little brother, also the name of the middle finger horn adj. driven under compusion hortha- vb. speed, urge on host [hyst] name gross (144) hoth [hyth] name cold pool, lake hoth [hyth] name crowd, host, horde hû [hui] name dog huan [huain] name dog (hunt) hûb [huib] name harbour, haven, small landlocked bay hûd [huid] name assembly hûl [huil] name cry of encouragement in battle hûn [huin] name heart hûr [huir] name action, readiness for, vigour, fiery spirit hwand [hwaind] name fungus, sponge hwest [hwist] name breeze, puff hwîn [hwîn] name faintness, giddiness hwind [hwind] name eddy hwinia- vb. twirl, whirl, eddy hwiniol pp. fantastic

I i pron. rel. that i [in] art./pron. the ia part. ago


iâ name abyss, chasm, void, gulf iaeth [iaeth] name neck iaew [iaew] name mocking, scorn

ial name shout, cry ialla- vb. call out iant [iaint] name bridge ianu name bridge iâr [iâir] name blood iarwain adj. eldest ias pron. where iâth [iaith] name fence Iathrim name People of Doriath iathrim name Doriath people iathron name Sinda (of Doriath) iaun [ioen] name fane, holy place, sanctuary iaur [ioer] adj. ancient, old, former iavas [iavais] name autumn iaw [ioe] name corn (not maize) îdh [îdh] name repose, rest idhor name thoughtfulness idhren [idhrin] adj. pondering, wise, thoughtful idhrinn [idhrinn] name year iell [ill] name daughter, girl, maid iest [ist] name wish ilaurui [ilaurui] adj. daily im pron. I im prep. between, within im- pref. between, within im- adv. between im [im] name deep val, dell imlad [imlaid] name glen, deep valley imloth [imlyth] name flowering valley imrad [imraid] name path imrath [imraith] name valley

în [în] name year inc [inc] name guess, idea, notion ind [ind] name inner thought, mind, meaning, heart inga- vb. suppose ingem [ingim] adj. year sick, old ínias name annals innas [innais] name will inu [iny] adj. female io adv. ago iôl [ŷl] name flood-water, wash ion [ion] name son iôn [ŷn] name descendant, son ionnath name descendant, son (coll. pl) iphant [iphaint] adj. aged, long-lived ir conj when îr name sexual desire íra- vb. desire ist [ist] name knowledge, lore ista- vb. have knowledge istui [istui] adj. learned Ithil [ithil] name moon ithildin [ithildin] name magic metal that only mirrors starlight and moolight ithron [ithryn] name wizard iuith [iuith] name use iuitha- vb. use iûl name embers iûr name blood ivanneth name September ivor [ivyr] name crystal ivorcheneb adj. of crystal ivren [ivrin] adj. of crystal

L laba- vb. hop laboth name hare lach [laich] name flame, leaping flame lacha- vb. flame lachenn [lachinn] name flame-eyed, Elf who has lived in the Blessed Realm lâd [laid] name valley laden [ledin] adj. cleared, plain, flat, wide, open lae [lae] name great number laeb [laeb] adj. fresh laeg adj. fresh green

laeg adj. acute, keen, sharp laegel [laegil] name Green Elf laegrim name Green Elves (people) laer [laer] name song laer [laer] name season of summer laes [laes] name babe, also used in children's play as the name of the little finger laew [laew] adj. fréquent, many lagor [legyr] adj. swift lain [lain] name thread lain [lain] name free, freed


lalaith [lalaith] name laughter lalf [lelf] name elm tree lalorn [lelyrn] name elm tree lalven [lelvin] name elm tree lalwen [lelwin] name elm tree lam [laim] name tongue, dialect, language lamath name echo lanc [lainc] name throat lanc [lainc] name sharp edge, sudden end, brink lanc [lainc] adj. naked land [laind] name level, open space lang [laing] name cutlass, sword lant [laint] name fall lant [laint] name clearing in forest lanthir [lanthir] name waterfall lasbelin [lasbelin] name autumn lasguil name tea lass [lais] name leaf lasta- vb. listen lath [laith] name thong lathra- vb. eavesdrop, listen in lathrada- vb. eavesdrop, listen in lathron [lethryn] name eavesdropper laug [loeg] adj. warm laus [loes] name ringlet lav- vb. lick lavan [levain] name animal (quadrupedal mammal) law interj. no! don't! lebdas [lebdais] name index finger lebed [lebid] name finger leben cardinal five lebenedh [lebenidh] name middle finger lebent [lebint] name ring finger leber [lebir] name finger lebethron [lebethryn] name tree (sort of) lebig [lebig] name small finger lefn [lifn] adj. name left Behind lefnor [lefnoer] name week of five days lefnui ordinal fifth legrin [legrin] adj. rapid, swift leithia- vb. set free, release leithian [leithiain] name freeing, release lembas [lembais] name way-bread, journey-bread lend [lind] adj. tuneful, sweet lend [lind] name journey, way lest [list] name boundary, lest, girdle


lethril [lethril] name eavesdropper (fem) leutha- vb. pick up, pick out lhaew [lhaew] adj. ill, sick, sickly lhain [lhîn? or lîn?] adj. lean, thin, meager lhain [lîn] adj. lean, thin, meager lhaw name pair of ears lhê [lhî] name filament, spider filament lhewig name ear lhewig name ear lhind [lhind] adj. slender, fine lhing name cobweb, spider, spider's web lhingril [lhingril] name spider lhîw [lhîw] name desease, sickness lhoss [lhyss?] name rustling sound, whisper lhûg [lhuig] name dragon, snake, serpent lîf name link, articulation liltha- vb. dance lim [lim] adj. clear, sparkling lim [lim] name fish limlug [limlyg] name sea serpent, fishdragon limmida- vb. moisten limp [limp] adj. wet lîn [lîn] name lake, pool lind [lind] name air (of music), song, tune, singer, also used of rivers linna- vb. chant, sing linnod [linnyd] name couplet lint [lint] adj. swift lîr [lîr] name line, row liria- vb. sing lisc name reed lith name ash, sand, dust lithui adj. ashen, ashy lô [lý] name shallow lake lobor [lebyr] name horse loch [lych] name ringlet loda- vb. float loeg [loeg] name pool loen [loen] adj. soaking wet lom [lym] adj. weary lond [lynd] name haven, harbour, pass, strait long [lyng] adj. heavy lorn [lyrn] name anchorage, haven, harbour, quiet water loss [lyss] name snow lossen [lessin] adj. snowy

lossoth name Snow Men (People) lost [lyst] adj. empty, void losta- vb. sleep loth [lyth] name blossom, flower lotheg name single flower lothod name single flower lothren [lethrin] adj. waste, wild lothron name May lû [lui] name time, occasion luin [luin] adj. blue

luith [luith] name spell luithia- vb. quench luithien [luithin] name enchantress lum [lym] name shadow lumren [lymrin] adj. shady lunt [lynt] name boat lûth [luith] name charm, enchantment, magic lútha- vb. charm, enchant, lýg [lýg] name snake

M mab- vb. grasp, seize mâb [maib] name hand maba- vb. seize mad- vb. eat mae [mae] adj. soft mae [mae] adv. well maeas [maeais] name dough maecheneb [maechenib] adj. sharp-eyed maed [maed] adj. shapely maed [maed] adj. handy, skilled maeg [maeg] adj. sharp, penetrating mael [mael] name lust mael [mael] name, adj. stain, stained maelui [maelui] adj. lustful maen adj. clever, skilled maenas [maenais] name art, craft, handcraft maer [maer] adj. fit, useful, good maeth [maeth] name battle of two or a few maetha- vb. deal with, handle, wield, manage maethor [maethyr] name warrior maew [maew] name gull magol [meigol] name sword magor [megyr] name swordsman maidh [maidh] adj. pale, fawn mail [mail] adj. dear main [mîn] adj. chief, main, prime, prominent mâl [mail] name pollen, yellow powder malad [malaid] name gold (metal) malen [melin] adj. yellow mall [mail] name gold (color?)

mallen [mellin] adj. golden mallorn [mellyrn] name golden tree mallos [mellys] name flower of gold malt [melt] name gold, sunlight, radiance malthen [melthin] adj. golden malu [mely] adj. fallow, pale mân [main] name departed spirit man? pron. who? what? manadh [menaidh] name final end, fate, fortune mann [main] name food matha- vb. feel, stroke, handle, wield maur [moer] name gloom, night maw [moe] name soil, stain medli [medli] name bear medlin [medlin] adj. bearish, of bear medui [medui] adj. last megil [megil] name sword megor [megyr] adj. sharp, pointed, piercing mel- vb. love mela- vb. love melch [milch] adj. greedy meldir [meldir] name friend meldis [meldis] name frien (fem.) meleth [melith] name love melethril [melethril] name lover (fem.) melethron [melethryn] name lover (masc.) mell [mill] adj. dear mellon [mellyn] name friend meltha- vb. incite melui [melui] adj. sweet mên [mîn] name road, way


meneg cardinal thousand menel [menil] name heaven menna- vb. send ment [mint] name pointe meren [merin] adj. festive, joyous mereth [merith] name feast, festival meril [meril] name rose merilin [merilin] name nightingale mesc [misc] adj. wet mesg [misg] adj. wet meth [mith] name end methed [methid] name end methen [methin] name end mi prep. in mib- vb. kiss mib name little kiss midh [midh] name dew mil- vb. love mîl [mîl] name affection, love, kindness milui [milui] adj. friendly, loving, kind mîn adj towering mîn name peak min, mîn name one, number one minai [mini] adj. distinct, unique, single minas [minais] name city with watchtower mindon [mindyn] name isolated hill minib cardinal eleven miniel [mínil] name Vanya minna- vb. enter minui [minui] ordinal first minuial [minuiail] name dawn, morrowdim, twilight mîr [mîr] name jewel, treasure mírdan [mírdain] name smith, jewelsmith mirian [miriain] name coin (name of a coin)

míriel [míril] adj. jewel-like Mirion [Míryn] name jewel, Silmaril mist [mist] name error mista- vb. stray, sail, wander mistad [mistaid] name straying mith [mith] name wet mist, white fog mith [mith] adj. pale, grey mítha- vb. kiss mithren [mithrin] adj. grey mithril [mithril] name true-silver, metal Mithrim name Sindar mithron name Sindar mîw adj. tiny, small, frail molif [molif] name wrist môr [myr] name darkness môr [myr] adj. dark, black Morben [merbin] name Elves of Beleriand, Easterlings morchant [morchaint] name shadow with a recongnizable shape morgul [morgyl, mergyl] name sorcery morn [myrn] adj. dark, black mornedhel [mornedhil] name Dark Elf moth [myth] name dusk muda- vb. labour, toil muig name cat muil [muil] name dreariness, twilight, shadow, vagueness muin [muin] adj. dear muinthel [muinthil] name sister mûl [muil] name slave mund [mynd name bull múr [mýr] name cat muron [myryn] name tom-cat mýl name gull myril [myril] name cat

N na prep. at, with, by near na- vb. to be nad [naid] name thing nadhor [nedhyr] name pasture nadhras [nedhrais] name pasture nae interj. alas naeg [naeg] name pain


naegra- vb. pain naer [naer] adj. sad, dreadful, woeful naergon [naergoen] name lament naeth [naeth] name bite, gnashing ot teeth in grief, woe naew [naew] name jaw, set of jaws nag- vb. bite

nagol [neigol] name tooth nail ordinal third naith [naith] name gore, spearhead, promontory nalla- vb. cry (out) nana [nenai] name mother nand [naind] name valley naneth [nenith] name mother nâr [nair] name rat nara- vb. tell (a story) narbeleth name October narcha- vb. rend nardh [nerdh] name knot narn [nern] name saga, tale nartha- vb. kindle narthan name beacon, fire-sign naru [nery] adj. red narwain name January nass [ness] name angle, sharp end, point, corner nasta- vb. point, prick, stick, thrust nath [naith] name web nathron [nethryn] name weaver, webster naub [noeb] name thumb naud [noed] adj. bound naug [noeg] adj. dwarfed, stunted naug [noeg] name Dwarf naugol name Dwarf naugrim name Dwarfs (people) naur [noer] name fire, flame, sun nauth [noeth] name thought, mind, heart nautha- vb. conceive navaer interj. farewell naw [noe] name idea naw [noe] name hollow nawag [neweg] name Dwarf ne- pref. in, inside ned prep. in (used of time) neder cardinal nine nedh- pref. inside nedhu [nedhy] name bolster, pillow nedia- vb. count, number, reckon nedrui ordinal ninth nef prep. on this side of neitha- vb. deprive, wrong nêl [neleg-, nelig] name tooth nêl [neleg-, nelig] cardinal three nelchaenen ordinal thirtieth neldor [neldyr] name beech neled cardinal three

neledh- vb. enter, go in neledhia- vb. enter nell [nill] name bell nella- vb. sound bells nellad [nellaid] name sound of the bells nelladel [nelledil] name ringing od bells nelthil [nelthil] name triangle nelui ordinal third nem [nim] name nose nên [nîn] name water, lake, pool, stream nend [nend] adj. watery nest [nist] name heart, core, center nesta- vb. heal nestad [nestaid] name healing nestadren [nestedrin] adj. of healing nestag- vb. insert, stick in neth [nith] name sister, girl neth [nith] adj. young nethig [nethig] name ring finger nev- pref. hither, here ni pron. I niben [nibin] adj. petty, small, name of the little finger nîd [nîd] adj. damp, wet, tearful nîdh [nîdh] name honeycomb nif [nif] name face, front nîf [nîf] name face, front niged [nigid] name little finger nim adj. pale, white nimbrethil name silver birch (tree) nimmida- vb. whiten nimp [nimp] adj. frail nimred [nimrid] name pallor, paleness nin pron. me nín pron. my nîn [nîn] adj. wet nîn [nîn] name tear nind [nind] adj. fragile, thin, slender ninglor [ningloer] name gladden níniel [nínil] adj. tearful ninim [ninim] name snowdrop ninniach name rainbow nínui name February nínui [nínui] adj. watery niphred [niphrid] name pallor, fear niphredil [niphredil] name snowdrop, flower nîr [nîr] name tear, weeping nirnaeth [nirnaeth] name lamentation niss name frost


nîth [nîth] name youth nod- vb. bind, tie noe [noe] name lament noen adj. sensible, wise nogoth [negyth] name Dwarf nogoth niben [negyth nibin] name PettyDwarf nogotheg [negethig] name dwarflet nogothrim name Dwarfs (people) nor- vb. run nordh [nyrdh] name cord norn [nyrn] name Dwarf norn [nyrn] adj. contorted, twisted, knotted, crabbed, hard noroth [neryth] name giant

nórui name June nórui [nórui] adj. sunny, fiery noss [nyss] name clan, family, house nost [nyst] name family, clan, house nosta- vb. smell nostor [nestyr] name birthday nothrim [nothrim] name family novaer interj. farewell nu prep. under nuitha- vb. stunt, stop short, not allow to continue nûr [nuir] adj. sad nûr [nuir] name race nûr [nuir] adj. deep, low, low-lying nŷw [nŷw] name noose

O o prep. about, concerning ochui adj. seventh ódhel [ódhil] name Noldo (exiled) Ódhellim name Noldor (exiiled) odhril [odhril] name parent (fem.) odhron [edhryn] name parent (masc.) odog cardinal seven odothui ordinal seventh ogol [egyl] name evil, wicked ôl [ely] (pl. elei = Noldorin) name dream olf [ylf] name branch oll [yll] name mountain stream, torrent oltha- vb. dream oneth [onith] name giver (fem.) onna- vb. beget onnen [ennin] pp. born onod [enyd] name Ent onodrim name Ents (people) or prep above or- pref. above oraearon name Sunday (sea-day) oranor name Tuesday (sun-day) orbelain name Saturday (Vala-day) orch [yrch] name Orch orchal [erchail] adj. eminent, lofty, superior orgaladh name Thusday (tree-day) orgilion name Monday (star-day) orithil name Wednesday (moon-day)


ormenel name Friday (sky-day) orn [yrn] name tree orod [ered, eryd] name mountain orodben [erydbin] name mountaineer orodrim name range of mountains Or-Rodyn name Saturday (Vala-day) ortha- vb. raise orthad ger. raising orthel- vb. roof orthel- vb. roof orthelian [ortheliain] name canopy orthor- vb. conquer, master órui adj. usual os- pref. about, around osgar- vb. amputate, cut round osp [ysp] name reek, smoke ost [yst] name city, town with wall around ostirion [ostiryn] name fortress with watchtower othlonn [ethlynn] name paved way othrad [ethraid] name street othronn [ethrynn] name underground city, stronghold othui ordinal seventh ovor [evyr] adj. abundant ovra- vb. abound ovras name multitude, crowd

P pâd name path, track pada- vb. walk pae cardinal ten paen [paen] name petrel (small gull) paenen adj. theth paenui ordinal tenth paich [pîch] name syrup, juice palan- adv. pref. far off palath [pelaith] name surface (flat) pân [pain] adj. all pân [pain] name plank, board panas [penais] name floor pand [paind] name courtyard pann [pain] adj. wide panna- vb. fill panna- vb. enlarge, open pant [paint] adj. complete, full, whole paran [perain] adj. shaven, smooth (for hills without trees) parch [perch] adj. dry parf [perf] name book parth [perth] name field, enclosed grassland partha- vb. arrange, compose pathra- vb. fill pathred [pethrid] name fullness pathu [pethy] name sward paur [poer] name fist paw [poe] name sickness ped- vb. say, speak peg [pîg] name dot pel- vb. wither, fade pêl [peli] name enclosure, garth peleth [pelith] name withering, fading pelia- vb. spread pelin [pelith] name fading, withering pelthaes [pelthaes] name pivot pen [pin] prep. without

pen [pin] pron. anybody, one, somebody pend [pind] name declivity, slope pendrath [pendraid] name stairway peng [ping] name bow penia- vb. fix, set penna- vb. slant down pennas [pennais] name history penninor [penninoer] name last day of the year pent [pint] name story per- pref. half peredhel [peredhil] name Half-Elf perian [periain] name Halfling, Hobbit periannath name Halfling, Hobbit (People) perin adj. half pess [piss] name feather pessa vb. affect, concern pesseg [pessig] name pillow peth [pith] name word pethron [pethryn] name narrator pigen [pigin] adj. tiny pihen [pihin] adj. juicy pilin [pilin] name arrow pîn [pîn] adj. little pind [pind] name declivity, slope plâd [plaid] name palm (of hand) plada- vb. fell with the hand pôd [pyd] name foot (of an animal) pol- vb. be able to post [pyst] name cessation, pause, halt, respite presta- vb. affect, trouble, disturb prestanneth [prestennith] name affection or umlaut of vowel puia- vb. spit puig [puig] adj. clean, tidy, neat pul- vb. can, be able to

R rach [raich] name wagon, wain rad- vb. find a way, make a way râd [raid] name path, track rada- vb. find a way, make a way

raeda- vb. catch in a net raef [raef] name net raeg adj. false, hidden, twicked raegdan [raegdain] name sinner


raen adj. netted, enlaced raen adj. crooked raetha- vb. stretch, reach raew [raew] name fathom rafn [refn] name extended point (wing, horn) rain adj. erratic, wandering rain name border ram [raim] name wall rammas [remmais] name wall ranc [rainc, rengy] name arm randir [randir] name pilgrim, wanderer rant [raint] name channel (water), watercourse, stream, lode, vein raph [raiph] name strap, rope ras [rais] name cape rasg [rais] name horn, peak rast [raist] also shortenend in ras name cape rath [raist] name climb, course, riverbed raudh [roedh] adj. cavernous raug [roeg] name demon, terrible creature raun [roen] adj. wandering raw [roe] name lion, rush, roaring noise raw [roe] name bank, river-bank redh- vb. sow rêg [rîg] name holly, thorn rein [rein] name track, footprint rem [rim] adj. numerous, frequent rem [rim] name mesh, net remmen [remmin] adj. tangled, woven, netted ren- vb. remenber rend adj. circular renia- vb. fly, sail, wander, stray rest [rist] name cleft, ravine, cut revia- vb. wander, sail, fly rhach [rhaich] name curse rhass [rhais] name precipice rhavan [rhevain] name Wild Man rhaw [rhoe] adj. wild, untamed rhaw [rhoe] name body, flesh rhib- vb. scratch rhîf name brim, brink rhîn name chaser (hound of chase) rhîw [rhîw] name winter rhosc [rhysc] adj. russet, red, brown rhosg adj. brown


rhoss [rhyss] name rusling sound, whisper rhovan [rhovain] name wilderness rhûd [rhuid] name rockenhewn hall rhûn name East rhúnen [rhúnin] adj. Eastern rî [rî] name wreath, crown, garland rî [rî] name crown, wreath, garland rib- vb. fling, fly, rush rîdh name acre, sown field rîdh [rîdh] name sown field riel [rîl?] name princess rîf [rîf] name bark, peel rill [rill] name glittering light, brilliance, flame rim [rim] name cold pool, lake rim [rim] name crowd, great number, host rimma- vb. flow like a torrent rimp [rimp] adj. flying, rushing rîn adj. crowned rîn [rîn] name remembrance, queen rinc [rinc] name jerk, twitch, trick rind [rind] name circle ring adj. cold ringorn [ringyrn] name circle rîs [rîs] name queen riss [riss] name clef, ravine rist name cleaver, sword rist adj. cleft rista- vb. cut, tear ritha- vb. jerk, twitch, snatch rîw [rîw] name border roch [rych] name horse rochben [rochbin] name rider rochir [rochir] name Horse-Lord, knight, rider Rochirrim name Horse.Lords (People) rochon [rechyn] name rider rodon [rodyn] name Vala rodwen name noble maiden rogol [rygol] name saddle rom [rym] name horn, trumpet romrú name sound of the horn rond [rynd] name cave, vault, vaulted ceiling, hall with vaulted roof rosc [rysc] adj. brown ross [ryss] name glitter (polish metal) ross [ryss] adj. copper-coloured ross [ryss] name rain, foam, dew, spray

rost [ryst ] adj. rainy rosta- vb. excavate, hollow out roth [ryth] name cave, delving, large excavation roval [rovail] name pinion, wing rovalug [rovelyg] name winged-dragon rû [rui] name sound of the trumpets rûdh adj. bald rui [rui] name hunt

ruin adj. burning, fiery red ruin [rŷn] adj. fiery red, burning ruin [rŷn] name blazing fire ruin [rŷn] name slot, spoor, track,footprint ruith [ruith] name anger rusc [rysc] name fox rust [ryst] name copper rustui adj. of copper rýn [rýn] name hound of chase

S sabar [sebair] name delved mine sâd [said] name area (limited or artificially defined) sâdh [saidh] name turf, sward sador name faithful one sadron [sedryn] name faithful one saeda- vb. teach sael [sael] adj. wise saelor [saelyr] name adviser saer adj. bitter saew [saew] name poison said [said] adj. excluded, separate, not common, private saig adj. hungry sain [sîn] adj. new salab [selaib] name herb salch [selch] name herb salph [seilph] name broth, liquid food, soup sam [saim] name chamber sammar [semmair] name neighbour sant [saint] name garden, field, yard sarch [serch] name grave sarn [sern] name stone sarnas [sernais] name cairn, pile of stones sautha- vb. drain saw [soe] name juice sedh- vb. rest seidia- vb. set aside sell [sill] name daughter, girl, maid sen [sin] pron. this send [sind] name Grey-Elf sennas [sennais] name guesthouse sennui adv. instead, rather sereg [serig] name blood

seregon [seregyn] name stonecrop (plant) serni [serni] name peeble-bank seron [seryn] name friend, lover si adv. now sí adv. here sîdh [sîdh] name peace sigil [sigil] name necklace sigil [sigil] name dagger, knife síla- vb. shine white silef [silif] name silima, the crystal substance of the Silmarils Silevril [Silevril] name Silmaril silivren [silivrin] adj. glittering white sin pron. these siniath [siniath] name tidings, news sinnarn [sinnern] name novel, tale sîr [sîr] name rill, river sîr [sîr] adv. today siria- vb. flow sirion [siryn] name river sirith name flowing, stream soga vb. drink sogannen pp. drunk sol- vb. close solch [sylch] name root (edible) sollen adj. closed sui adv. as, like suil [suil] name hail suila- vb. greet suilad [suilaid] name greeting suilanna- vb. greet suith [suith] name drought suithlas name tea sûl [suil] name wind sûl [suil] name goblet sun pron. few


T tachol [techyl] name brooch, pin tâd cardinal two tad-dal [tad-dail] name two-legged tadol [dedyl] adj. double tadui ordinal second taeg [taeg] name boundary, boundary line taen [taen] adj. long and thin taen [taen] name height, summit of high mountain taer adj. exact taes [taes] name nail taetha- vb. fasten, tie taew [taew] name clasp, holder, socket, hasp, staple tafnen [tefnin] adj. blocked, stopped, closed tagol [tegyl] name mark taid [taid] adj. supporting, second in command taig [taig] name marking (a boundary) taith [taith] name mark tâl [tail] name foot talad [telaid] name incline talaf [telaif] name floor talagan [telegaint] name harper talan [telain] name floor talath [telaith] name flatlands, flat surface, plane, plain talf [telf?] name low, flat field talf [telf?] name palm (hand) talfin [telfin] name table talraph [telraiph] name stirrup talt [telt?] adj. falling, slipping, insecure talu [tely] adj. flat tamin [temin] name forge tamma- vb. knock tan- vb. make tân? [tain] name maker tanc [tainc] adj. firm tang [teng] name bowstring tangada- vb. confirm, make firm, establish tann [tain] name sign tara [teiri] adj. stiff, tough tarag [teraig] name steep mountain peak tarch adj. robust, ferm


tarias [teriais] name difficulty, stiffness, toughness tarlanc [terlainc] adj. obstinate tass [tais] name trouble tathar [tethair] name willow tathar [tethair] name willow tathor [tethyr] name willow tathren [tethrin] adj. of willow, having willows taur [toer] adj. lofty, high, sublime, noble taur [toer] name king taur [toer] name forest tauron [tauryn] name forester taus [toes] name thatch tavor [teivor] name woodpecker taw [toe] name wool taw [toe] adj. of wool, woolen taw? dem. pron. that tawar [tewair] name wood, forest tawaren [tewerin] adj. wooden Tawarwaith name Forest people (Silvan Elves) tê [tî] name line, row tegil [tegil] name pen tegilbor name calligrapher tegol [tegyl] name pen teilia- vb. play teilien [teilin] name play, sport teitha- vb. write telch [tilch] name stem tele [teli] name hindmost part, rear, end teler [telir] name Teler (member of the Third Clan of the Elves) Telerrim name Teleri (People) telia- vb. play telien [tílin] name play, sport telluin [tellyn] name sole of the foot telu [tely] name dome tenn [tinn] name verse (poetry) tess [tiss] name fine pierced hole têw [tîw] name letter, sign, tengwa thafn [thefn] name pillar (wood) thala [theili?] adj. firm, steady,stalwart thalion [thelyn] adj. dauntless, steadfast, hero

thalion [thelyn] name dauntless, steadfast, hero tham [thaim] name hall thamas [themais] name great hall than- vb. flame thanc [thainc] adj. cleft, forked, split thand [thaind] adj. true, abiding thand [thaind] name shield thang [theng] name compulsion, duress, need, oppression, tyranny thangail [thangail] name shield wall, shield fence thar- pref. across, over, beyond thâr [thair] name stiff grass tharas [therais] name footstool, hassock tharbad [therbaid] name crossway tharn [thern] adj. rigid, sapless, stiff, withered thaun [thuin] name pine-tree thaur adj. enclosed thaur adj. abhorrent, detestable, abomionable, foul thavron [thevryn] name builder, carpenter, wright thaw [thoe] adj. corrupt, rotten thel- vb. mean, intend, resolve thel name intend, mean, purpose, resolve, will thêl [theli] name sister thel-? vb. will thela [thili?] name point of spear thelion [thelyn] name purpose, intention then adj. short thenid adj. strong, loyal, faithful thenin adj. strong, loyal, faithful thent [thint] adj. short thia- vb. appear, seem thilia- vb. glisten thind [thind] adj. pale, grey thinna- vb. grow toward evening thinnas name shortness thîr name look, face, expression thôl [thýl] name helm thôn [thŷn] name pine-tree thond [thynd] name root thoniel [thonil] name kindler (fem.) thôr [thŷr] name eagle thôr [thŷr] adj. leaping down, swooping thora- vb. fence

thoren adj. detestable, abhorrent, abominable thoren [thorin] pp. fenced, guarded, hidden thórod name torrent thoron [theryn] name eagle thost [thyst] name smell thosta- vb. stink thû [thui] name stench thuia- vb. breathe thûl [thuil] name breath thurin [thurin] adj. secret, hidden tî [tî] name row, line till [till] name tine, spike, point, sharp horn tinc [tinc] name metal tinna- vb. glint tinnu [tinny] name dusk, twilight tint [tint] name spark tinu [tiny] name spark tinúviel [tinúvil?] name nightingale tir- vb. gaze, guard, watch tîr [tîr] adj. straight tîr [tîr] name glance, view, looking tíra- vb. watch tírad name vision tiria- vb. look toward, watch, guard, gaze tirith [tirith] name guard, guarding tiriw [tiriw] name horizon tirn [tirn] name watcher tithen [tithin] adj. little tiwdi name alphabet toba- vb. roof tobas [tebais] name roof tofn [tyfn] adj. deep, low, low-lying tog- vb. bring, lead tol- vb. come toleg name middle finger toll [tyll] name island tollui ordinal eighth tolog [telyg] adj. trusty toloth cardinal eight tolothen ordinal eighth toltha- vb. fetch, make come tond [tynd] adj. tall tong [tyng] adj. resonant (of strings) tôr [teryn] name brother torech [terich] name hole, lair, excavation torn [tyrn] name down


torog [teryg] name troll tortha- vb. control, wield toss [tyss] name bush (low-growin) tov- vb. find trann [train] name shire, administrative district trannail [trannail] adj. regional, local trass [tress] name doubt, worry trasta- vb. harass, trouble tre- pref. through trenar- vb. recount, tell to end trenarn [trenern] name account, tale trevad- vb. cross trî prep. through trîw [trîw] adj. slender

tû [tui] name muscle, vigour, physical strength tûg [tuig] adj. fat, thick tui [tui] name bud, sprout tuia- vb. spring, swell, sprout tuilinn [tuilinn] name swallow tuiw [tuiw] (plus ancien) name bud, sprout tulu [tyly] name support tulus [tylys] name poplar tree tûm [tum-, tuim] name deep valley tump [tymp] name hump tund [tynd] name mound tûr [tuir] name control, mastery, power, master, victor, lord

U ú part. nég. not, without ú- pref. not, without úan [uian] name monster uanui [uanui] adj. hideous, monstrous ubed [ubid] name denial úgarth [úgerth] name ill deed, sin ui adv. always, everlasting, eternal ui- pref. both, two, twiui- pref. always, everlasting, eternal uial [uial] name twilight uidafnen [uidefnin] adj. closed uil [uil] name seaweed Uilos name Oiolossë uir [uir] name eternity uireb [uirib] adj. eternal, everlasting

ul- pref. ugly, hideous ûl [uil] name odor ulug name bad, evil uluithiad [uluithiaid?] adj. unquenchable ulunn [ylynn] name deformed, hideous creature, monster um [ym] adj. bad, evil ûn [uin] name creature ungol [yngyl] name spider ûr [uir] name heat, fire urlug [yrlyg] name fire-dragon urug name bogey, monster, orc úrui [úrui] name hot, August uruk [yryk] name evil creature úthaes [úthaes] name temptation

V vi prep. in

W -wen suff. girl, virgin, maiden


vín pron. our

Y ylf [ylf] name drinking vessel ylf [ylf] name brand

yll name gulp ýneg cardinal twelve yngui ordinal twelveth ýr [ýr] name course


English - Sindarin



abandon vb. awarthaabandonment name awarth abhor vb. fuiaabhorrence, horror, fear, dread, detestation, loathing name delos [delys] abhorrent, detestable, abominable adj. thoren abhorrent, detestable, abomionable, foul adj. thaur abiding, steadfast adj. him abiding, true adj. thand [thaind] able-bodied men (troop of), manhood, manpower, host, regiment, people, region, wilderness name gwaith [gwaith] abominable, detestable, abhorrent adj. thoren abomionable, abhorrent, detestable, foul adj. thaur abound vb. ovraabout, around pref. osabout, concerning prep. o above pref. orabove prep or abundant adj. ovor [evyr] abyss, chasm, void, gulf name dath [daith] abyss, chasm, void, gulf name iâ according to prep. ben accordong to, as, like adv. be account, tale name trenarn [trenern] acre, sown field name rîdh across, beyond prep. athar across, over, beyond pref. tharaction, readiness for, vigour, fiery spirit name hûr [huir] acute, keen, sharp adj. laeg administrative district, shire name trann [train] admiration (exclamation of) interj. elo! adult male, male name dîr [dîr] adviser name saelor [saelyr] affect, concern vb. pessa affect, trouble, disturb vb. prestaaffection or umlaut of vowel name prestanneth [prestennith] affection, love, kindness name mîl [mîl]

affliction, heavy burden name caul after prep./pref. ab (ab-) again, against prep. ad again, back, second pref. adagainst prep. dan against, again prep. ad age, cycle name andrann [endrain] aged, long-lived adj. iphant [iphaint] agile, swift adj. celeg [celig] ago part. ia ago adv. io Ah! interj. alae! air (as a region) name gwelwen air (as a region) name gwilith [gwilith] air (as substance) name gwelu air (of music), song, tune, singer, also used of rivers name lind [lind] alas interj. nae alive adj. cuin all adj. pân [pain] alone, first, single adj. eriol [erioel] alone, first, single adv. erui alone, lone, one pref. eralone, single, first adj. er [ir] alphabet name tiwdi alphabet (runic) name certhas [certhais] always, everlasting, eternal adv. ui always, everlasting, eternal pref. uiamputate, cut round vb. osgaranchorage, haven, harbour, quiet water name lorn [lyrn] ancient, old, former adj. iaur [ioer] and conj. a and conj. ah and conj. ar anger name ruith [ruith] angle name bennas [bennais] angle, sharp end, point, corner name nass [ness] animal (quadrupedal mammal) name lavan [levain] annals name ínias anniversary day name edinor answer, reply giving new information name dangweth [dengwith] anybody, one, somebody pron. pen [pin]


apostrophe name gasdil [gasdil] apparition (spectral or vague) name auth [oeth] appear, seem vb. thiaapple (small red) name cordof [cerdyf] approach vb. anglennaApril name gwirith arch, bow, crescent name cû [cui] arch, crescent, bow name cû [cui] area (limited or artificially defined) name sâd [said] arise, rise vb. eriaarm name ranc [rainc, rengy] army, host name gweth [gwith] around about pref. osarrange, compose vb. parthaarrow name pilin [pilin] art, craft, handcraft name maenas [maenais] article for exchange, ware, thing name bach [baich] articulation, link name lîf


babble vb. glavrababbling pp. glavrol babe, also used in children's play as the name of the little finger name laes [laes] baby, little finger name gwinig back, again, second pref. adbad, evil name ulug bad, evil adj. um [ym] bad, poor, mean adj. faeg [faeg] bald adj. rûdh ball, globe, mound name coron [ceryn] ban, prohibit vb. bodabane name dagnir bank, river-bank name raw [roe] bank, shore name esgar bark, peel name rîf [rîf] barrow name gorthad [goerthaid] barrow, burial mound, grave, tomb name haudh [hoedh] battle name dagor [degyr] battle of two or a few name maeth [maeth]


as, accordong to, like adv. be as, like adv. sui ash, dust, sand name ast [aist] ash, sand, dust name lith ashen, ashy adj. lithui ashy, ashen adj. lithui assembly name hûd [huid] aswer, response name dambeth [dembith] at, with, by near prep. na August, hot name úrui [úrui] autumn name dannas [dannais] autumn name iavas [iavais] autumn name lasbelin [lasbelin] awakening name echui away, forth, out adv. eaway, forth, out adv. edaway, remote adj. gwachae [gwachae] awe name anwar [enwair] axe, axe blade name hathol [hethyl] axe-stroke name hast [haist]

battle, war name auth [oeth] bay name côf [cyf] be able to vb. polbe able to, can vb. pulbe able, hold, have, possess, can vb. garbe alive vb. cuinabe off! vb. ego! beach, shore name faur [foer] beach, shore, coast, strand, line of surf, foaming shore name falas [felais] beacon, fire-sign name narthan bear name brôg [brýg] bear name graw [groe] bear name medli [medli] bear, carry vb. colbeard name fang [feng] bearer name cyll [cyll] bearish, of bear adj. medlin [medlin] beat vb. dringabeat (wings) vb. blabbeaten track, pathway name bâd [baid] beautiful, fair adj. bain [bain]

beauty name baneth bed name haust [hoest] bedridden, sick adj. caeleb [caelib] beech name neldor [neldyr] beech, mast name fêr [ferin] beget pref. edonnabeget vb. onnabegin suddently and vigorously, have an impulse vb. heriabegun again, new adj. eden [edin] behind adv. prep. adel bell name nell [nill] beneath, in, under name dî [dî] bent, bowed, bowshaped adj. cûn [cuin] beryl, Elf-stone name edhelharn betray, cheat vb. gweriabetrayer name gwarth [gwairth] between adv. imbetween, within prep. im between, within pref. imbeyond prep. athan beyond, across prep. athar beyond, across, over pref. tharbind vb. gwedhbind, tie vb. nodbirch tree name brethil [brethil] bird (small) name aew [aew] bird (small) name fileg [filig] birthday name nostor [nestyr] bite vb. nagbite, gnashing ot teeth in grief, woe name naeth [naeth] bitter adj. saer bitterly cold name helch black metal name galvorn black, dark adj. môr [myr] black, dark adj. morn [myrn] black, swart, swarty, shady, shadowy adj. donn [dynn] blade (of a broadsword or axe name hathel [hethil] blazing fire name ruin [rŷn] blessing, good fortune name galu [geilu] blocked, stopped, closed adj. tafnen [tefnin] blood name iâr [iâir] blood name iûr blood name sereg [serig] bloodstain adj. agarwaen [agarwaen] blossom vb. edlothia-

blossom name gwaloth [gwelyth] blossom, flower name loth [lyth] blow with fist, clenched fist name drambor [dramboer] blow, heavy stroke name dram [draim] blue adj. luin [luin] board, plank name pân [pain] boat name lunt [lynt] body of Orcs, din, uporoar, tumult, shouting, confused noise name glam [glaim] body, flesh name rhaw [rhoe] bogey, monster, orc name urug bold adj. beren bold adj. cand [caind] bolster, pillow name nedhu [nedhy] bond of frienship name gwend [gwind] bond of loyalty, bond name gwedh [gwidh] bond, bond of loyalty name gwedh [gwidh] bond, troth, oath name gwaedh [gwaedh] book name parf [perf] border name edrain [edrain] border name glân [glain] border name rain border name rîw [rîw] born pp. onnen [ennin] born after name Abonnen [Ebennin] boss, round knob name dolt [dylt] both, two, twi- pref. uibound adj. naud [noed] bound, limit, enclose vb. gleniaboundary name gland boundary marker name glandagol [glendegyl] boundary, boundary line name taeg [taeg] boundary, lest, girdle name lest [list] bounded or defined place name garth [gerdh] bow name peng [ping] bow, arch, crescent name cû [cui] bow, crescent, arch name cû [cui] bowed, bent, bowshaped adj. cûn [cuin] bowshaped, bent, bowed adj. cûn [cuin] bowstring name tang [teng] braided tress of hair name finnel [finnil] branch name golf [gylf] branch name olf [ylf] brand name ylf [ylf]


bread name bass [bais] bread giver (fem.) name bessain [bessain] bread-giver (fem.) name bassoneth [bassonith] break out suddenly vb. breithabreaker, foam name falf [felf] breath name thûl [thuil] breathe vb. thuiabreeze, puff name hwest [hwist] bride name dîs [dîs] bride name dineth bride, lady name dî [dî] bridegroom name daer bridge name iant [iaint] bridge name ianu bright spark, star name gîl [gîl] brillance, gleaming name fael [fael] brilliance, glitter, glory name aglar [eglair] brilliance, glitter, glory name aglar [eglair] brilliance, glittering light, flame name rill [rill] brilliance, glory, glitter name agar brilliance, light (bright), sunlight, radiance, glittering reflection name galad [gelaid] brilliance, radiance name glaw [gloe] brilliant adj. celair brim, brink name rhîf bring, lead vb. togbrink, brim name rhîf brink, sharp edge, sudden end name lanc [lainc]


cairn, pile of stones name sarnas [sernais] cake name cram [craim] call out vb. iallacall, name vb. estacall, shout, cry out vb. cancalligrapher name tegilbor can, be able to vb. pulcan, be able, hold, have, possess vb. garcanopy name daedelu [daedely] canopy name orthelian [ortheliain] cape name ras [rais]


brooch, pin name tachol [techyl] broth, liquid food, soup name salph [seilph] brother name hanar [henair] brother name tôr [teryn] brother relative name gwanûr [gwenyr] brown adj. rhosg brown adj. rosc [rysc] brown, russet, red adj. rhosc [rhysc] brown. swart, dark brown, yellow brown, golden-brown adj. baran [berain] bud, sprout name tui [tui] bud, sprout name tuiw [tuiw] (plus ancien) build, make, do vb. carbuilder, carpenter, wright name thavron [thevryn] building, deed, house name cardh [cerdh] building, house name adab [edaib] building, house name car [cair] bull name mund [mynd burial mound, barrow, grave, tomb name haudh [hoedh] burn vb. dostaburning, fiery red adj. ruin [rŷn] burning, fiery red adj. ruin bush (low-growin) name toss [tyss] bush, plant name aiglos [aiglys] but, however conj dan butterfly name gwilwileth [gwilwilith] butterfly name gwiwileth [gwiwilith] by near, at, with prep. na

cape name rast [raist] also shortenend in ras cape, headland name cast [caist] captain name hest carpenter, builder, wright name thavron [thevryn] cat name muig cat name múr [mýr] cat name myril [myril] catch vb. gadcatch in a net vb. raedacauseway name gondrath [gendraith]

cave name fela [fili] cave, delving, large excavation name gathrod [gethryd] cave, delving, large excavation name groth [gryth] cave, delving, large excavation name roth [ryth] cave, excavation, underground dwelling name grôd [grŷd] cave, vault, vaulted ceiling, hall with vaulted roof name rond [rynd] cavern name gath [gaith] cavernous adj. raudh [roedh] center, core, middle name enedh [enidh] center, heart, core name nest [nist] cessation, pause, halt, respite name post [pyst] chain, iron bond name angwedh [engwidh] chair name ham [haim] chamber name sam [saim] channel (water), watercourse, stream, lode, vein name rant [raint] chant, sing vb. linnacharm, enchant, vb. lúthacharm, enchantment, magic name lûth [luith] chaser (hound of chase) name rhîn chasm, abyss, void, gulf name dath [daith] chasm, abyss, void, gulf name iâ cheat, betray vb. gweriachief, main, prime, prominent adj. main [mîn] child name hên [hîn] choking, gasping, thirsty adj. faug [foeg] choose vb. cilcircle name corn [cyrn] circle name corn [cyrn] circle name rind [rind] circle name ringorn [ringyrn] circle, outer ring name echor [echyr] circular adj. rend circular, round adj. corn [cyrn] circular, round, globed adj corn [cyrn] city with watchtower name minas [minais] city, town name canas [cenais] city, town name caras [cerais] city, town with wall around name ost [yst]

clamour, outcry, cry, shout name caun [coen] clan, family, house name noss [nyss] clan, family, house name nost [nyst] claw, hook, crook name gamp [?gaimp, ?gemp] clean, tidy, neat adj. puig [puig] clear, make clear vb. glannaclear, sparkling adj. lim [lim] clear, sparkling, light adj hâl [hail] clear, white adj. glân [glain] cleared, plain, flat, wide, open adj. laden [ledin] clearing in forest name lant [laint] cleaver, sword name crist [crist] cleaver, sword name rist clef, ravine name riss [riss] cleft adj. rist cleft, cutting, pass name cirith [cirith] cleft, forked, split adj. thanc [thainc] cleft, gulf, ravine name criss [criss] cleft, pass between hills, gorge name cîl [cîl] cleft, ravine name falch [felch] cleft, ravine, cut name rest [rist] clenched fist, blow with fist name drambor [dramboer] clever, skilled adj. maen climb, course, riverbed name rath [raist] climb, high pass name andrath [endraith] cloak name coll [cyll] close vb. holclose vb. solclosed adj. hollen closed adj. sollen closed adj. uidafnen [uidefnin] clothe vb. habclothe vb. hammaclothes name hab [haib] clothing name hammad [hemmaid] cloud name faun [foen] cloud, veil, manifested body of a Vala name fân [fain] cloudy adj. fanui club name grond [grynd] co-, como-, together pref. gwacoast, beach, shore, strand, line of surf, foaming shore name falas [felais] coat (fur coat) name helf [hilf] cobweb, spider, spider's web name lhing



Women in the Philippine Revolution and Propaganda Movement

Women’s role in the Philippine Revolution and the Propaganda Movement

was extraordinary.Even though most of the historian regarded them as only a supportive mechanism during thosehistorical events, their contributions were unparalleled. As a matter of fact, there were numbers of Filipino women who both actively and passively helped the men in the battlefield. Among them were

Gregoria de Jesus (Bonifacio’s’ wife), Melchora Aquino, Patrocinia G

amboa, Hilaria Aguinaldo (The FirstLady, wife of Emilio Aguinaldo), Trinidad Tecson (Mother of Biak-na-Bato), Marcela Agoncillo and others.For example, ancient Filipina priestesses were a great help to the soldiers, like in determiningwhen would be the best time to start the revolts. Also some of the Filipina fought in the battlefield. Theyacted like men. This proves that women can also do things that men do. Women also helped in guarding

the secret documents that the Katipunero’s had. They also help

ed in preparing food, shelter and firstaids/medicines that were needed by the Filipino soldiers. One of the most amazing role they had beforewas when they served as spies or distractions to the Spanish guards who investigated every action of theFilipino men. Whenever the Katipune

ro’s he

ld a meeting, Filipino women convened parties and othersocial gatherings as a disguise in order to eliminate the suspicions of the Spaniards. Gender may also beconsidered as an asset to the Filipino women, by this, they served as an agent that helped Filipinosoldiers to transmit messages and other important matters because they were not suspected by theSpaniards to be involved in the revolutionary movement.Twenty women from Malolos were also recognized. They were the the Tiongsons, the Tantocos,the Reyeses, and the Santoses. These women were known for their fight to have an equal educationamong men. Truthfully, education before was more of a privilege rather than as a right. These girlswanted to learn the Spanish language, but their requests were not easily granted because friarsassumed that when they will learn they will be liberated and will root their urge to fight for freedom andhuman rights. It took years before they achieved their dreams: to have a school and teacher that willteach them.Unfortunately, after 3 months after its opening, it was closed. But their dreams

didn’t end


. Later on, they served and helped the Katipunero’s. Some of them founded




minista de Filipinas” in 1906

which aimed to help the Filipino women in all aspects. This movementwas deemed to be the forbearers of the feminist movement in the Philippines.Filipino women had different roles in the society. It was also observable that discrimination onwomen was high. I do believe that if they were of the same level with men, they could contribute morethan what they had already did.

Source/s:Dr. Yoder, Robert L.(1999). Philippine heroines of the revolution:maria clara they were not.Retrieved August 1, 2012.


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