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Technical writing is considered to be a form of technical communication. It is a style of formal writing used in such fields as high technology including computer hardware and software, chemistry, finance, consumer electronics. 

It doesn’t require any creativity because it is used not for entertainment of the readers, but to give the better understanding of the subject, the one that technical writing describes. The most important thing of technical writing is a simple straightforward explanation.

The purpose of the technical writing is to inform and analyze different events, processes and their implications, and then to persuade or influence people’s decisions. Technical writers create documents that help to install, uninstall, configure or use a product, a tool or a service.

Technical writing is the aptitude of being able to explain and describe complex ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences. The forms that are usually used for these purposes are manuals, step by step guides, research reports, help files (online help) etc. The process of technical writing includes three main steps: pre-writing, writing and re-writing.

Pre-writing process

Pre-writing is the process in which we gather the information we will need to fulfill the task. In this step we determine the purpose of writing, and then set the goal we want to achieve, taking into consideration the type of audience. Using all necessary resources we assemble the data to complete the document and finally, we determine the way we will impart the information. Think carefully about a logical way of information organization for the reader can easily follow the directions. The use of headings and subheadings assist  readers grasp the main concepts of our technical writing.

Writing progress

The writing process requires taking all the information we got in the prewriting process and putting it down in draft form. In the organization of the data follow strict specific order of organization of the document for the reader not to get lost in all that information. Format the document in the proper manner. It will allow you to emphasize important points, and combine them with the application of white spaces.

Re-writing process

You would have never guesses but the re-writing is the essential part of the technical writing progress. During this stage, we complete our draft with all missing information: his includes making any corrections to the format of the document, correcting all the errors, deleting unnecessary or unimportant pieces of data, and finally, checking to make sure that everything follows a specific order. There are 5 tips to improve your technical writing skills:

Analyze examples of other works

By reading others’ works you become more experienced and informed. It provides you with examples of everything you need: from organization to style.

Know the audience

Technical documentation is read by people of different competence – technical and non-technical audiences. Avoid technical jargon, always defining things that may be unfamiliar to readers. We sugguest you  use words in the most efficient manner, Put the most crucial information first and use an active voice with the use of  strong verbs. Personalization such as the use of humor should be avoided and not be included in the technical writing.

Keep proper format and writing organization
If your technical writing is good, then the reader will get to the end. Attention to format includes using bold and italicized keywords, using bullets and numbered lists to set apart key points, and breaking up long passages of prose into smaller paragraphs.

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The editing process

Editing includes not only checking and eliminating spelling and grammar errors. It’s important to look through you work more than twice. It allows refining areas requiring improvement. Peer review is also a useful tool for pointing out weaknesses as well as strengths. After writing your technical paper, take a fifteen minute break. We suggest you to have a coffee or have a sandwich. After that you will return to the document and read with a fresh perspective in mind.

Getting feedback

One of the most important techniques to become a better technical writer is to solicit feedback and change just by listening to it. Accepting criticism and feedback will help in improvement of successive writing task and will lead to becoming an efficient technical writer.

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