Spanish Homework La Rutina Diaria

Set of resources based on a song designed to teach how to describe one's daily routine in Spanish.
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Por la mañana
me despierto temprano
después me levanto, me ducho, me visto, me peino
luego desayuno y me lavo los dientes
para irme a la escuela, a la escuela.
Por la tarde
vuelvo de la escuela
después hago mis deberes
luego ceno, veo la televisión y me divierto con mi familia
finalmente, finalmente me acuesto.

Music in form of songs is one of the most memorable and fun ways of introducing, practising and revising new vocabulary in a foreign language.

This set includes:
- one MP3 song
- one animation of the song with pictures and subtitles (great for karaoke),
- one worksheet based on the lyrics to train your students literacy skills and to assess their understanding of the lyrics
- solutions to the activities on the worksheet
- lyrics of the song with further teaching and learning ideas

Resources for LA RUTINA DIARIA

Posted onApril 23, 2013byspanishplans

Teaching a unit about la Rutina Diaria? Here’s some resources for your Spanish classroom for this Reflexive Verb unit:


Dibujos y Fotos


  • Showing the Solecitos Sr. Cepillo video? Make your own giant toothbrush from a meterstick. Read about making reflexive verbs fun.
  • Grammatical Explanation of using reflexive verbs with this complete lesson plan. Great price for a 22 pages of various activities to cover this unit.
  • Day in the Life of Project: Have students choose a famous person and narrate what their day looks like.


*This idea came from Teaching Spanish w. Comprehensible Input blog and has 7 ideas for Teaching Reflexive Verbs

Any good resources you use in your class? Find any other good memes utilizing reflexive verbs? Please share in the comments section!

Like this:



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