Glace Bay Elementary Homework Guidelines


Sheila Kublek, Coordinator

A highlight in November was the release of the Assistive Technology DVD which was produced by the Nova Scotia Department of Education. The Assistive Technology DVD contains nine case studies, one from each of the school boards in the province including APSEA and the Conseil Scolaire Acadien Provincial. The segment for the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board features Elizabeth Leyte a grade eight student from Thompson Junior High School. Elizabeth is home schooled due to Marfan’s Syndrome. She uses technology such as a laptop, webcam, MSN Messenger and a roller ball mouse to complete school work and interact with teachers and classmates. The Assistive Technology DVD was previewed at the November principals’ meeting. Each school was given a copy of the DVD.

On November 10th Sheila Kublek, Acting Student Services Coordinator, and Louise Smith, Autism Consultant, met in Halifax for a meeting with PEATT (Provincial Educators Autism Advisory Team). Issues addressed during this meeting were supports available to students with Autism, identifying children with Autism before entering the school system and transitioning students with Autism to school. There was also a sharing of resources and materials that are available to support students with Autism.

On November 25th and 26th, the IPP Review Team reviewed an IPP from each school in the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board. All schools were asked to submit a complete IPP to the Student Services Coordinator. Each school has received an IPP checklist with supporting comments and suggestions on the IPP submitted for review. Any schools requiring further support in the development of an IPP will receive this support from members of the IPP Lead Team.

During our board wide professional development day on November 30th all of the Learning Centre teachers attended sessions on Star, social thinking and Factor training. Elementary resource and learning disabilities teachers attended sessions with elementary classroom teachers at Harbourside Elementary. All secondary resource, learning disabilities and learning strategies teachers attended sessions with the secondary English / Literacy teachers at Memorial High School. Several members of the IPP Lead Team provided sessions at both Harbourside Elementary and Memorial High School on the role of the classroom teacher in developing an IPP.

A provincial Student Services Coordinators’ meeting was held in Halifax early in December. Topics discussed during this meeting were the progress of the IPP Modules with classroom teachers, use of the IPP reporting template, the impact of a new Student Information System on Student Services and the release of the School Psychology Guidelines.


Rick Simm, Coordinator

Acting Assistive Technology Consultant (Tracey Dove)

Assessments: Assistive Technology assessments were performed at Mira Road, Tompkins, Seton, Greenfield, Sydney Academy, North Highlands and Mountainview. Based on the recommendations of the assessments, appropriate hardware and software were implemented into students’ curriculum.

Professional Development: Professional Development sessions on Classroom Suite 4 were conducted with the classroom teacher and teacher assistant from East Bay Elementary. Professional development sessions on Laureate Learning System Language Development Software were conducted with the classroom teacher from Bras d’Or Elementary. A Professional Development session on Co-Writer and Write-Out-Loud Software was conducted with the classroom teacher from North Highlands Elementary.

Meetings: Attended a three day Professional Development session on Module 12: Mentoring and Coaching from The Nova Scotia Educational Leadership Consortium.

Community Education (Heather Patterson)

Adult High School Program

The Adult High Schools are in the wind down to first semester. Report cards were given out the week of November 9th and progress discussed with each student during the week. On Friday November 20th a half day professional development session was held with all staff on teaching strategies for ADHD students. The session was put on by Trevor LeBlanc, IEI/PEBS Consultant for the Board. Teachers are also currently involved in IEI professional development, learning how to use Comic Life in their classrooms.

Appointments are being made for early January for prospective students to come and register for second semester. There are a lot of inquiries and some referrals from the Department of Community Services. Advertising will begin in January for both the Adult High School Program and for Continuing Education classes.

Adult Evening Classes

Adult evening classes are finished for all general interest and computer classes. Credit courses and GED preparation classes will run until late in January. No nights were missed due to inclement weather which puts us on schedule to finish the first semester. A full page ad will run on Saturday, January 9th in the Cape Breton Post to advertise our night school offerings. Registration will begin on the 11th and run until the 14th in Sydney, Glace Bay, New Waterford and on the Northside. Again, we expect to be very busy with grade 12 credit courses. Classes will begin in early February based on enrollment.

SIS/IT Professional Development Consultant (Kurt Kublek)

In the SIS (Student Information System) component of Mr.Kublek’s job, he has continued to work with some schools with their accreditation process. Also, Mr. Kublek has been functioning as our board’s project manager for the new provincial SIS. This new system’s planning is ongoing and its implementation will begin soon and a great deal of planning is needed for it to run smoothly.

In the IT (Information Technology) branch of the position, Mr.Kublek was involved in two in-services on the board-wide professional development day - November 30th. Mr. Kublek with Mr.Rick Simm facilitated a meeting with principals at Greenfield Elementary to discuss and try some hands-on technology integration. Later that day, Mr.Kublek had two more sessions at Memorial High School where he worked with junior and senior high teachers. The in-service was focused around technology integration using a piece of Software called Comic Life. Both the morning and afternoon sessions were very productive, the response was very positive and on-site professional development and software requests have come as a result

Furthermore, Mr. Kublek held more professional development workshops at the Staff Development Center to work with teachers and principals. These days were dedicated to developing their school and class websites. These websites are used to increase communication and as a teaching tool.

IEI/PEBS Consultant (Trevor LeBlanc)

  • All IEI computers are now imaged and placed in each school
  • A portion of the software has arrived and will be going out to schools in early January
  • Professional Development sessions have been ongoing. To date we have completed three full sessions with three groups using the software program , Comic Life.

Comic Life (Deluxe Edition) is the highly acclaimed fun, easy, and powerful application that expands what you can do with your digital photos. With page and panel layouts, streamlined image selection, cropping and placement of authentic speech balloons, customizable captions, and special effects lettering, Comic Life gives you numerous ways to explore your creativity. Liven up holiday snaps, tell a story, even create how-to guides.

Our focus will have teachers creating lesson plans that will be added to our website.

In addition our IEI teachers will be exposed to using Moodle as a way of connecting teachers in specific subject areas to use as a forum to help support and share ideas in terms of technology in the classroom

A RBTS (technology IEI) meeting was held on November 26,27th in Halifax. The focus of the meeting was to determine the best course of Action for IEI rollout next year. The group has proposed that the rollout be focused on the grades four to six.


Cathy MacNeil, Coordinator

Literacy Consultant P-6, Audrey Kyte Murphy

November’s focus was on the preparation and delivery of literacy workshops for the Professional Development Day ‘Teaching in Action’ that was held on November 30 for over 500 teachers at Harbourside School. Through the commitment of our teachers who prepared and delivered the workshops, classroom teachers P-6 as well as resource, LD and STEPS teachers and administrators from our Board, Eskasoni and Membertou learned various teaching strategies to enhance their practices. The following workshop topics were covered:

• Three Word Study workshops were facilitated by Irene Lahey, Dianne Bussey, Michelle Bidart, Maureen Wadden, Belinda O’Brein and Wendy Peach.

• Four Reading/Writing workshops were facilitated by Thelma Libbus, Kim Fifield-MacNeil, Donna Robson, Geraldine Beaver, Michelle Sollazzo, Jennifer MacLean and Brenda MacIsaac.

Feedback regarding the workshops was very positive.

The requests for mentoring continue to grow. To meet new requests, our two mentors find it a challenge to provide ongoing support to the numerous teachers who are seeking their assistance.

Board priorities were set for the Active Young Readers Program for the ensuing months in preparation for the Department of Education Meetings held December 2. They included continued focus on Assessment for Learning, Reading Benchmark Targets for P-6, delivery of the Mentoring Program and continued support with Word Study.

Mathematics Consultant P-6, Sharon Boudreau



As support to teachers of math in our Board, there is a one hundred percent FTE mentor, Ron Muller, at the elementary level and another one hundred percent FTE, Theresa Devoe, at the junior high level. In addition, Tara Colbert is working as a sixty percent FTE Math Mentor in elementary. The mentoring message is spreading and interest is continuing to grow. As a result, there are fewer days available for teachers.


PRIME “Professional Resources and Instruction for Mathematics Educators” is a three day module which is in the third year of implementation. Boularderie staff has completed the training and staff at St. Mary’s/St Joseph’s Complex is currently participating in the module. Feedback from the participants has been very positive. There have been a number of requests by teachers for follow-up support.

January Plans


Bruce Colford will be mentoring in Tara Colbert’s place for an undetermined length of time. Our mentors are continuing to support teachers as the requests come in.

Math/Phys Ed Project

Two Math and two Phys Ed teachers will begin working on developing a set of cross-curricular activities for elementary teachers of both disciplines using the curriculum outcomes. Pam Van Dommelen, Bras D’Or Elementary, and Maureen Wadden, Shipyard, are the two math teachers involved.

Parent Information Night

Plans are underway to have parent sessions, facilitated by Ron Muller, with both the Family Resource Centre and Black Educators Association. The session at the Family Resource Centre will be held at the Southside Learning Centre on January 23. The Black Educators Association parent night is still in the planning stage, but will take place in the very near future.

Arts Education Consultant, Lesley Ann Andrews

Forty-nine schools participated in Christmas concerts with at least fifty-eight concerts performed throughout our Board in the month of December! Other performances also took place for community parades, tree lightings, businesses, telethons, and seniors’ homes … just to name a few!

Many wonderful services in respect of Remembrance Day took place in schools throughout the CB-VRSB, which involved the dedication of art, dance, drama and music teachers to bring forward this reverent event to students, staff and the community.

Malcolm Munroe students under the direction of Delynn Reid and Penny Steele presented the Broadway musical “Into the Woods Junior” at the United Church of Sydney River December 4-6. Audiences of grades four to six students also attended special dress rehearsals of the musical held on December 2.

Dance, drama, music and visual arts teachers attended a variety professional development offerings put forward by the CB-VRSB on Nov. 30. Sessions were held in various locations and included specific sessions on hip-hop dance, zumba dance, drama, film and video, Orff, African drumming, grade seven Band curriculum implementation, grade seven visual arts curriculum implementation, drawing and movement, as well as clay techniques. Thank you to the NS Department of Education and the Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design in partnering with us for some of these sessions.

Plans are underway for the annual student art show of student work from grades four to twelve to take place at Cape Breton University from April 20 to May 13, 2010.

Holy Angels High School held a ceremony to acknowledge the National Day of Action in respect of the Montreal Massacre.

The 2010 East Coast Music Association Awards will be held in Cape Breton this year. The SoundWaves portion of ECMA is offering “One Big Opportunity” to students in grades seven to twelve to participate in a competition to be the opening act for an ECMA showcase professional group. Schools will also be hosting ECMA concerts and an educational package that has been compiled by a committee of CB-VRSB staff to be distributed to schools in January 2010. This educational package includes key-stage curriculum outcomes for all grade levels with resources and lesson ideas for language arts, music, social studies and technology.

Thank you to the Savoy Theatre for hosting the show “A Christmas Carol” on December 17 to 750 of our students.

Reading Recovery™ Teacher Leaders, Susan MacDonald & Joy Cookson

The Professional Development Day sessions went well on November 30. Joy presented the conventions of the running record and Susan presented the analysis piece of the running record and where to go with your teaching. Both received positive feedback from those sessions.

All but two ‘Record of Oral Language Assessments’ have been completed on the grade two students at Greenfield Elementary and a part of the Department of Education “Next Steps” pilot which is looking at further literacy interventions for those students still not performing at the appropriate level. Although both students were absent early in December, the hope is to have them finished before January.

The continuing contact group did not meet during the month of December. The first session in the New Year will be held on January 21with an emphasis on writing. Both training groups met only once in December on the 8th and 9th.

Looking ahead, the training groups will meet on January 12 -13 and on January 25 - 28. Susan MacDonald continues to work with two children at Rankin School of the Narrows while Joy Cookson continues to work with three children at Shipyard Elementary and one child at Marion Bridge. They have been busy visiting with training teachers.


David Brennick, Coordinator

English Language Arts (7-12), Diane Brennick, Consultant

November 30th was the Board’s Regional Professional Development Day. One hundred-seventeen English Language Arts and Resource teachers experienced a great learning opportunity at Memorial Composite High School in Sydney Mines. There was a keynote address on 21st Century Literacy skills, a PowerPoint presentation on Millennials, workshops on Reading records, workshop framework, the English Language Arts Blotter, our Curriculum Map, Tone and Mood in Writing, Personal Development and IPPs. The evaluations were very positive and teachers expressed a desire for more of this type of in-servicing.

Ms. Diane Brennick, English Language Arts Consultant (7-12), attended both a meeting on the new provincial report card template and a meeting regarding a possible core reading resource for junior high. Both were in Halifax.

The debrief meetings for 7-9 and 10-12 were also held in Halifax early December. Our Board is one of few who have consistently provided in-servicing to all our teachers on provincial implementations.

The curriculum maps for English Language Arts 7-9 will be published early in the New Year and then sent out to schools.

Mathematics (7-12), Arlene Andrecyk, Consultant

On the afternoon of November 4, Arlene Andrecyk, Mathematics Consultant (7-12), met at the Sydney Adult Centre, with all teachers teaching Essentials 10 and Essentials 11 in the Adult Programs. Teachers had an opportunity to discuss the curriculum, available resources, instructional strategies, assessment, and any concerns they had.

On November 9, Ms. Andrecyk met with Sandy Urquhart, mathematics teacher at Sydney Academy, to develop an Exponential Unit for the Mathematics 11 and Advanced Mathematics 11 courses. This unit will be done as part of the independent study unit. It was developed as one of the Math Initiatives to support students who write the NSE (Nova Scotia Examination) Math 12 and Advanced Math 12.

High school students took part in the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board Math League Game 1 on November 14 at Cape Breton University. The game went well. The questions were very challenging. Cape Breton University provided a nutritious refreshment break. A team from Sydney Academy tied with a team from Memorial Composite High for first place. The schools received plaques, and there were two random draws for graphing calculators.

On November 17, Arlene Andrecyk met with the high school math teachers of Breton Education Centre during the school lunch hour. The school results in NSE Math 12 and Advanced Math 12 for January and June of2009 were examined. Ms. Andrecyk and Math Department Head, Colin Campbell, discussed the list of initiatives developed by the Senior High Math Committee to support students and teachers involved in the assessment process. Teacher comments, suggestions and concerns could be raised at this time. A similar meeting took place on December 3, with the math teachers of Riverview Rural High School.

Eleven resource teachers have completed training in PRIME, Number and Operations. On November 16 and December 11 they received the second and third days of training. This program provides professional resources and instruction for mathematics educators. Jody MacLean and Arlene Andrecyk were the facilitators. Teachers felt the training will be very valuable to them as they support students in mathematics.

On November 26, Peter Campbell and Cathy Horechuk, Principal and Math Department Head of Glace Bay High School, met with Math Consultant Arlene Andrecyk to review the NSE 2009 math results for the school. They discussed initiatives to support students and teachers involved in the assessment process.

On November 30, math teachers from grades 7-12 participated in a full day of professional development at Sydney Academy. Lennie Comeau, Mathematics Evaluation Coordinator, Nova Scotia Department of Education, did a session outlining the changes to the math provincial examinations. Nancy Chisholm, Information Technology Integration Consultant, Nova Scotia Department of Education, conducted two technology sessions in which junior high math teachers were engaged with the software program, Geometer’s Sketchpad. Gwen Cartier, Eastern Region Education Representative, Statistics Canada, conducted two technology sessions in which teachers learned about the Statistics Canada website and the math lessons developed on this site. Teachers also had the opportunity to choose from valuable sessions: Autograph (Bob Crane), Equation Editor (Heather MacLean), Math Fun (Colin Campbell), Activities to Engage Students (Bernadette MacNeil), and Assessment in Junior High (Theresa Devoe). Overall, the feedback was very positive. Teachers felt they had an opportunity to collaborate, become more comfortable with technology and gain valuable information and resources.

On December 4 and 15, during the in-servicing of junior high teachers that have students on Literacy Developmental Records, Arlene Andrecyk did a session with junior high math teachers. Teachers discussed the important aspects of a language rich math classroom. They examined literacy strategies to help students reinforce their mathematical knowledge.

Science & Technology Fair (True Burke, Chairperson, Science & Technology Fair)

The Cape Breton Regional Science Fair will be held March 30 & 31st at the Grand Lake Road
Fire Hall. Eleven schools have registered for the science fair: Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High, MacLennan Junior High, Riverview Rural High, Bridgeport School, Sherwood Park Education Centre, Sydney Academy, Holy Angels High, Glace Bay High, Dr. T.L. Sullivan Junior High, Baddeck Academy and Cabot Junior/Senior High. We are expecting over 100 projects at
this year’s fair. The registration process will now be completed on-line through the “Science
Fair in a Box”
program. The committee has been meeting on a regular basis in order to
ensure that this program will be suitable for our fair. Student registration deadline is
February 25th, 2010.

The Canada Wide Science Fair is being held in the month of May in Peterbourgh, Ontario.
The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board will send four representatives to Nationals.

Community-Based Education/Options & Opportunities (Rhonda Smith, Consultant)

The November 30th Professional Development Day was attended by 17 teachers from junior and senior high level from the Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board, Eskasoni School Board and CSAP. The presenters were from Department of Education, Worker’s Compensation Board and Construction Association of Nova Scotia.

Teachers and administrators from the O2 (Options and Opportunities) schools attended a province-wide mid-year workshop in Halifax, December 3rd and 4th. This workshop was sponsored by the Department of Education. There were concurrent sessions on Community-Based Learning 10, Career Development 10 and 11, Co-operative Learning, and actively involving students in Mathematics and Social Studies. There were also two panel sessions for administrators on issues in O2 andCo-operativeEducation/Community-Based Learning. The teachers felt the sessions were very relevant to what they are doing in their schools and welcomed the opportunity to network with other teachers/schools.

The Building Futures for Youth Program’s application deadline is December 18, 2009. So far, Memorial Composite High, Sydney Academy, Holy Angels High, and Riverview Rural High have indicated that they will have students applying. The next timeline event is the interview prep workshop in February, and interviews conducted by CANS before March Break.

Vocational Education (Ken Collier, Consultant)

Plans are continuing to host a number of Grade 9 students from schools throughout our board on Tuesday, February 9/10. These students will have the opportunity to experience the programs that are offered in our school, as well as view a number of competitions in the Skilled Trades.

In November, Juanita MacDonald from the Construction Association of Nova Scotia gave a presentation to the Grade 11 students concerning the “Building Futures for Youth” project. This project hires a number of students from our board for summer employment and is designed to provide Grade 11 students the opportunity to explore a career in the construction industry.

Staff enjoyed a Professional Development session on November 20/09 on Mentorship. Sue Boutilier from the Nova Scotia Community College facilitated the presentation and her enthusiasm on the subject was evident. Mentorship is a new module within the curriculum of the Skilled Trades Programs, and teachers will now be able to teach this module to their students.

Students from the Radio and Television Broadcasting Program have been very busy recently. In October, they participated in the Disco Ball fundraiser at the Membertou Trade and Convention Center. Also at Membertou, they worked at the Serena Ryder concert on December 3rd, the George Canyon concert on December 6th, and also volunteered at the Christmas Daddies Telethon at ATV on December 6th. These opportunities have given the students experience they would not have gotten, if not for their involvement in these events. Students were also involved in the Tim Horton’s Christmas Party on December 12th as well as the Rita MacNeil concert on December 20th. We are very proud of these students and applaud them for their willingness to be involved in these events.

On December 2/09, students in the Vocational Programs witnessed a presentation by Mr. Russell Lewis from Sydney. Mr. Lewis was involved in a workplace accident which involved the deaths of two people. Mr. Lewis spoke about the accident and the importance of working safely. This was a very powerful presentation, and definitely caught the attention of the students. This presentation was coordinated by the Department of Labour and Workforce Development, and the Nova Scotia Community College.

We recently received a donation of a Diesel Engine, as well as an assortment of parts from Atlantic Tractors and Equipment in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, for our Heavy Duty Equipment Program. These items will give students the opportunity to work with equipment that we may not have had within our inventory system. We are very appreciative of this donation, and have expressed this to them. Thanks to Jerry Brymer of Atlantic Tractors and Equipment for making this donation happen.

French Second Language (Laurie MacIntosh, Consultant)

Approximately 55 French Second Language teachers attended the November 30th Regional Professional Development Day. Presenters included Nancy Belliveau (Annapolis Valley Regional School Board) for Core French (4-9); Tim Brown (Halifax Regional School Board) for Late Immersion, Integrated Core French (7-12), and Senior High Core French; and Yves Rossignol (South Shore Regional School Board). Evaluations and teacher feedback on the day’s workshops were very positive.

Several socio-cultural activities for students took place recently. On December 1st, Yves Rossignol gave a musical performance to grades 4-6 students at Harbourside Elementary while students at Malcolm Munroe Memorial Junior High, Whitney Pier Memorial Junior High, and Brookland Elementary enjoyed the Canadian Parents for French play, “Parle, c’est ideal”, which focused on the advantages of learning French.

Senior High Late French Immersion and Integrated Core French teachers participated in an inservice on December 9th at Sydney Academy. The focus of the inservice was literacy strategies and the sharing of oral and written activities to promote language development.

Upcoming initiatives in French Second Language:

  • On January 11-13th, Robert McNutt and Kelly Hogan of the Nova Scotia Department of Education will be visiting our Senior High schools to promote the “My Explore” program (Summer Language Bursary Program);
  • Early hire interviews for French Second Language will take place on January 7th at Université Sainte-Anne, and January 20th at Cape Breton University.

Nova Scotia International Student Program

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board International Student Program has chosen three participants to attend the Nova Scotia International Student Program Campeche Leadership camp to take place during March break for 2 weeks. The following students have been selected:

Zacc Paul ----------------Sydney Academy

Kellyanne Larade ------Breton Education Centre

Claire Morrison --------Riverview Rural High School

David Brennick will also take part in the project as a chaperone/ Leadership teacher.

In November, we had the pleasure to welcome two teachers from Colombia. Anneris DelRocio from Gimnasio Campestre, Bogota spent some time working at Glace Bay High, and Lia Trinidad Castrillon from San Pedro in Bucaramanga, Colombia worked at Boularderie Elementary. We also had a group of principals visit from Brazil and a Vice-Principal from Gimnasio Moderno in Bogota.

Winter is upon us! For many of our students the first snowfall and participation in winter activities have been an exciting part of their stay to date! Students are preparing for Christmas vacation. Some are eagerly awaiting the experience of a Canadian Christmas while others will travel to their home countries to visit family and friends.

On November 17th coordinators, and program staff said goodbye to our three-month Colombian students with a dinner at Boston Pizza and a movie. We were sad to say goodbye to: Sebastian Arias Hernandez, Camilo Rodriguez Sanclemente, Valeria Cifuentes, and Rafael Puerto Pinzon. Ane Arrizabalaga Sagasta from Spain also completed her stay with us during the first week of December.

Our full group event took place on November 29th. We started the day at the movie theatre watching New Moon. This was followed by an Eagles Hockey game where we watched the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles beat Drummondville 10-2. We then had a great dinner with the team followed by prizes, autographs and photos. It was a great day!

The International Student Program held our annual cultural Christmas potluck on December 13th, for all students, host families, and program staff. It was a great success! Who knew we had such talented students? A special thanks to all of those who provided entertainment! Also, to all host families and students who took the time to prepare all of the delicious food! And of course, a special thanks to our surprise guest, Santa, who took time out of his busy schedule to visit with our students!

On November 11th, we were notified of the tragic loss of one of our former International Students, Sophia Lai. Ron Shaw travelled to Halifax in November to represent the Nova Scotia International Student Program at a Memorial service held for Sophia at St. Mary’s University.


Susan Kelley, Coordinator

This year for the first time in Nova Scotia schools (other than the pilot schools) will be completing the school improvement cycle as set out in the NSSAP. In CBVRSB we have six schools who have reached the end of this cycle. At this time congratulations go out to the school communities of Cabot Jr/Sr High, Shipyard Elementary, Dr. T.L. Sullivan Jr. High, and Bras d’Or Elementary School who have all been successful in exhibiting that they are ‘improving schools’ and as such have been accredited by the NS Dept. of Education. Official presentation of their Accreditation Plaques will be done at dates yet to be determined by the schools.

Active Healthy Living – Mary Lou Andrea, Consultant

The Olympic torch, designed by Bombadier, was inspired by Canada’s open land and the natural lines formed by snow and ice. Look for the maple leaf on the 2010 Olympic Torch. Not only does it represent Canada, it serves to take in oxygen to keep the flame burning brightly. You’ll also notice the official Vancouver 2010 Olympic emblem, the Inukshuk, an ancient symbol representing hope and friendship.

Our board will have our own Health Promoting Schools torch relay which will run for the six weeks leading up to the start of the Vancouver Olympics. Each school will have the Olympic torch for approximately half a day. This will enable every school and student across the board to see an actual torch from the Olympic Torch Relay as well as create an active healthy atmosphere leading up to the games.

Sport Animator Report – Jim MacEachern

  • Sport Animator was able to partner with Unique Challenger Sport Group in assisting to set up a pilot program for Learn to Skate for the group student members. Program will be offered out of the Pier Rink through the winter months.
  • Sport Animator working on the Active Sport & Recreation Grant Committee seeking potential capital funding from Provincial and Federal Departments to install and construct potential facility upgrades.
  • Sport Animator was able to confirm partnering with the Northside Pool to support the Grade Three Swim to Survive Program for the schools from the Northside.
  • Swim to Survive Program for the grade three classes across the Board commenced with eleven schools participating in Section 1 of a three Section Program. Schools participating: East Bay, Mountainview, Brookland, Greenfield, Glace Bay Elementary, Ashby, Robin Foote, Harbourside, Mount Carmel and Shipyard. Remaining schools will receive the Program in the spring .
  • Sport Animator was able to enlist the support of the students from the Physical Education Leadership Class at Sydney Academy, to assist in supervision of the Swim to Survive Program at the Kiwanis Pool.
  • “I Am Going to CBU” Program coordinated by Steve Martell, CBU, provided a morning of Physical Sport Skill Mentoring by the University Kinetics Class, to the grade two students from Brookland and Greenfield.
  • A meeting between Sport Animator and Mickey Fox, Executive Director of Basketball Nova Scotia, laid the groundwork for potential partnering on player and coaching Clinics for the future.
  • Organizing meetings continue to take place in prepping for the Youth in Motion and Soccer in the Community Programs scheduled to start immediately after the New Year.

PEBS/Behavior Support-Trevor LeBlanc, Consultant

  • Power Play is expanding to six schools. Donkin and Seton will be added in the New Year. All schools are now in full implementation.
  • Our PEBS brochures have been printed and are now available for delivery to all schools. We will begin with grades primary to nine.
  • A STEPS workshop on November 24th focused on best practices and a review of the key components of each program. A presentation from assistive technology was also conducted.
  • The Diary of a Wimpy kid novel study was introduced and materials handed out to all participating elementary schools.
  • On November 20th we conducted a workshop on working with students with ADHD at the Sydney Adult Day school
  • On November 30th we conducted a workshop on functional behavioural assessment, Behaviour Support Plans, and the Behaviour Education Program.
  • Behaviour support this month has been provided directly for Boularderie Elementary, Dr. T.L. Sullivan, Greenfield, Coxheath, Ashby.
  • A mini training session was conducted on Non-Violent Crisis Intervention techniques for Coxheath Elementary.

Literacy Support Report – Lyn McInnis, Literacy Support Consultant

The month of December was a busy month. In-servicing with grade 5 teachers and new to grade 4 teachers has been completed with regards to Literacy Development Records and monitoring responses for students. All teachers were given time to work on developing their LDRs and Monitoring responses, and were very pleased to have been given this time. During the in-service, additional reading and writing strategies were presented by classroom teachers. These strategies were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The Literacy mentors were also present to work with teachers and to set up mentoring time to further discuss helpful strategies to use with their students.

In-servicing for junior high teachers around the “Whole Class Plan” was provided for all junior high Math and Science teachers. To date, all English, Social Studies, Math and Science teachers have now received training and time to work on developing their “Whole Class Plans”. Also, some support in the area of reading and writing strategies was provided for the teachers. A new resource, by author Dawn Reithaug, will be given to each junior high school in January to continue to support teachers in working with students to strengthen reading comprehension skills. The “Whole Class Plan” approach to meeting the needs of students was well received.

The Mentoring Module was completed this month, and was a very valuable learning experience. Work around Accreditation was done at Bras d’Or Elementary School this month as well. Consultation with schools continues on a regular basis.

Information for Parents/Guardians of Students Entering School in September 2018

The Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board welcomes your child to Primary! We look forward to partnering with you as your child begins their important educational journey. The following outlines information for registration as well as some important links you may wish to review.

Grade Primary registration for the 2018-2019 school year will take placeduring the school day for the period February 26 till March 2. Parents are asked to visit the school during the instructional day to complete the required registration form.

To register for Primary:

- A child must have reached their fifth birthday on or before December 31, 2018 as per the Nova Scotia Education Act.

- Parents/guardians must present the following:

  • the child's proof of age - original document : birth certificate, passport, immigration papers or adoption papers. The application for a birth certificate can be accessed at

  • any legal documents related to custody arrangements if applicable

  • health card number and expiry date at the time of registration.

  • Proof of residency of the parent or guardian and student. This must include two items, at least one being from Category A below:

Category A: proof of ownership of dwelling or long-term lease or rental of dwelling; legal documents indicating NS residence; parent or guardian filing income tax returns as a NS resident

Category B: NS hydro bill, NS cable bill, Provincial driver’s license, Provincial registration of automobile, Canadian bank accounts or credit card.

- A child must be registered in the neighbourhood school where he/she resides. If not sure which school serves your home address, call the CBVRSB Transportation Division at 902-562-4595.

- Parents/guardians who reside separately and have joint custody must choose which of their

neighbourhood schools their child(ren) will attend.

  • There is a section on the registration form to identify Ancestry and Aboriginal Identity which you are encouraged to complete. Accurate demographic information allows our school board to support students and their families by acknowledging and celebrating our rich cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds.  This information also assists our school board when seeking out resources and planning supports to better serve our students now and into their future.

Therefore we encourage all parents and students to identify their Ancestry and Aboriginal Identity.

  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to communicate, upon registration, any special needs of the child or area of concern ie:medical, behavior, speech, hearing etc  so that  appropriate planning for school entry can take place.

  • Parents/Guardians will be notified by schools of a Primary Orientation session which will be held in May or June. At this time your child will attend school, become familiar with the facilities at the school and become comfortable with the classroom setting. Many sites also offer information sessions for parents as well.

            Great Educational Links for Parents/Guardians

Department of Education  and Early Childhood Development:

Let’s Play Together : a Guide for Parents of 4- year olds      English

Toqi milita”nej    Mi’kmaq

Jouons ensemble    French

CBVRSB Student Services site containing information for parents/guardians of students with special needs.

National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) site about transitioning to primary

Plus supporting a love for reading and writing:

Math and Literacy Fun at Home:

Help Your Child Develop Early Math Skills

Family Literacy

Literacy Activities for Children

Copy of the 2018 Primary Registration Form to review or complete prior to registration:
















No Peanut/Nut Products or Imitation Peanut Butter Permitted

1        Day 5

2               Day 6

Youth In Motion

Grades 3/4 & 4



5      Day 1


No Classes

Grading &


7      Day 2

8   Day 3

Team Pictures

9        Day 4



Day Light




19  Day 5

Welcome Back!

20    Day 6

Report Cards Go Home

21       Day 1

22  Day 2



No Classes



26    Day 3

27     Day 4

28     Day 5

29   Day 6




Parent/Guardian(s) is asked to call the school before 9:00 am if your child will be absent or late.


Please review the following documents which you will find on our board website or at
 - Student Attendance and Engagement Policy
                                                                             - Frequently Asked Questions


March 2018

Regional Hospital Loonie Toss

Students participated in a Loonie Toss in support of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital and raised a total of $424.30.   Landon MacArthur from Mrs. Hill MacKinnon’s Grade 2 class won the Pizza Party for his class and Brooke Matheson, from Mr. Mombourquette’s Grade 4class won the Pizza Party for her class.  Mrs. Thistle’s grade 2 class won the teacher toss and will receive Popsicle treats for the class.

Congratulations to all students on a job well done!

Thank you to Paul MacDonald for donating Pizza for the loonie toss winners!


Tuesday, March 6th, Elementary Grading & Classifying

Friday, March 23rd, Parent Teacher/Professional Learning Day

Friday, March 30th, Good Friday

Monday, April 2nd, Easter Monday

Report Cards will be issued on Tuesday, March 20th.  Parent/Teacher Sessions will be held on Thursday, March 22nd


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