Funny Topics For An Argumentative Essay

Persuasive speeches are those that address themselves to the minds and hearts of people who heard them; but funny persuasive speeches give color to the speech and the effect they have is unparalleled. The value of the speaker’s words is doubled with the fun element.

A funny persuasive speech evokes a light-hearted response from the audience from the beginning of the oratory. While every tone and every gesture forecasts the result with the audience, the overall anticipation and pleasure comes from the funny persuasive speech topic you choose.

We have come up with funny persuasive speech topics that are out-of-the-box and not the regular topics you find everywhere. They help differentiate you from others in the same genre.

A List Of 50 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics:

  1. ‘Little people’ is less offensive than ‘dwarf’ or ‘midget.’
  2. Women are genetically disposed to not be funny.
  3. Save paper towels, save the forests. (Shake hands before using the paper, fold the paper towel and dry.)
  4. Sex needs a new metaphor, other than baseball where you use terms like scoring, getting to first base, if there’s grass on the field play ball etc. Example: The new model is based on Pizza, it’s not competitive like baseball. You’re also sharing the experience of pleasure and enjoyment.
  5. Scientists should stop talking jargon to us and make ideas accessible.
  6. Parking and coffee to be included in college tuition fee.
  7. How to handle well-meaning people you don’t like.
  8. Why you deserve to be the boss instead of your boss.
  9. Prints of body parts other than fingers should be taken. Like ear prints. (Talk of the burglar caught by his ear-print on the window glass – he was listening to find out if the coast was clear)
  10. Blondes ARE stupid.
  11. Men should never wear skinny jeans.
  12. Grades don’t matter.
  13. The work week should be shorter.
  14. Horror movies are good for experiencing the adrenaline rush.
  15. Funny pick up lines work.
  16. Blaming the horoscope when things go wrong helps.
  17. All is not fair in burping and farting, but it is in love and war.
  18. With a woman as a president, there would be more wars.
  19. It is not wrong to steal bread to feed your family.
  20. Women have to leave the seat up for men’s convenience.
  21. Schools should ban Harry Potter for promoting witchcraft.
  22. How playing games raised your IQ.
  23. A thumb is a finger.
  24. Reverse discrimination.
  25. Men are happier than women.
  26. If a woman hits a man, he should be able to hit back without it being called abuse.
  27. Too much rhetoric and speech caused the fall of the Roman Empire, it will kill us too.
  28. Keep your mom off Facebook.
  29. Banks have to ban hats and sunglasses to avoid robberies.
  30. Make your friends pay every time, all the time.
  31. Guys gossip more than girls.
  32. Adult children living at home can be a pain.
  33. A majority of vegetarians don’t love animals.
  34. How to eat food you don’t like.
  35. Why being fair doesn’t work all the time.
  36. Larger passengers should be obliged to purchase two plane tickets (the weight?).
  37. Being a weekday vegetarian in a carnivorous culture.
  38. Limit alternatives to make your choices easier.
  39. Reincarnation is a fact.
  40. Why moist cookies are better than dry. Bring cookies and demonstrate.
  41. Boys should be allowed to cross dress and wear skirts.
  42. Children of divorced parents should gain the right to divorce their parents if they choose to.
  43. There must be a breakup insurance policy to all
  44. Eat lionfish to stop their invasion.
  45. Donate your locks.
  46. How to persuade someone to take the blame for your mistake.
  47. How to get a spouse to hand over the remote.
  48. Why the drinking age should be lowered.
  49. How to create a cult following easily with so many dumb people around.
  50. Why airplanes should be made from the material the black box is made of.

These topics conjure images of fun and humor and are bound to make the audience smile. They will help build up an anticipation of wanting to know what the speaker has to say about it. Hope you have a great time delivering the speech.

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics – Choose to be Different

When students are assigned an argumentative essay, their first thoughts are to think about some of the really controversial issues of today – immigration, abortion, health care, animal rights, the environment, and so on. And these are all great topic ideas for argumentative essays. They are also very common, and an instructor is likely to get several on the same topic. Do you want to stand out in the crowd and give your instructor a little relief from the boredom? Come up with some funny argumentative essay topics that will brighten his/her day (or night) and that just might get you a great grade.

Where to Find a Funny Argumentative Essay Topic

There are a couple of sources for topic ideas for you essay:

  1. Think about things that irritate you. If you are a male, your parents have always told you that, out of courtesy you should always put the toilet seat down for the females in the household. Why is that? You argumentative essay topic might be that female household members should always put the toilet seat up for the males. Here are some others:
  • If the IRS makes a mistake in your favor, then they should pay you a penalty and interest on what you are owed.
  • Coffee should be free and available in all campus buildings until noon every day.
  • Music in malls should be banned unless it is energizing rock
  • College classes should not begin until 10:00 a.m.
  • There should be a senior citizen lane on every highway
  • Slow shoppers have to stay out of the centers of the aisles
  • Unless we’ve been attacked, no Presidential news conference should occur during prime time television
  • Neighbors whose leaves fall in your yard every fall should have to rake them up
  • No kid under 7 should be allowed in a restaurant where sandwich prices begin at $7.00
  • DMV workers have to smile at every customer or be fined
  • Scientists have to use plan English
  • Airlines should pay each passenger $50 if a plane has to sit on the tarmac for more than an hour.
  1. Other sources for a funny argumentative essay topic can be found at a large number of online sites. Surf several of them and jot down what are the funniest to you. Once you have your list, you can then narrow the topics until you have one that is really funny to you. Here are some funny topics that seem to pop up a lot:
  • Smoking is good for you
  • Jocks should all have to take sewing class
  • IRS auditors should have their very own afterlife location where they have to audit for all of eternity
  • Lawyers should all have mini lie detectors strapped to their arms.
  • There should be a law against men wearing skinny jeans
  • Walmart should be everyone’s favorite store
  • All rich people should have to live homeless one week a year
  • Kids should be allowed to draw on walls
  • People who allow their dogs to poop on other people’s yards should have to poop scoop for a Saturday morning
  • Congressmen who deny climate change should all have to move to Miami
  • There is the perfect solution to nuclear waste – pump it all under the Capitol Building
  • Cat and baby videos should be banned from Facebook

These examples should give you a few good ideas for a funny argumentative essay topic.

Consider Humor for Some of Your Other Essay Topics Too

There are other essay type that lend themselves to humor too. If, for example, you are asked to write a descriptive essay, you might choose to describe a ridiculous outfit on someone you saw at the mall or methods by which young kids can hide their food so they can get dessert. There are any number of great funny narrative essay ideas too. Consider your worst date ever, or your attempts to chase down a fly that just wouldn’t leave you alone. And if it’s not too painful or recent, write a narrative about the most embarrassing time of your life so far.

Funny Essays are Still Essays

One thing you must not forget, as you have fun writing your humorous essay is this: while your instructor or professor may enjoy the topic and content, s/he will still want to see the basic rules of essay development followed. You do need an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion. And you do need to ensure that your grammar and composition will meet the expectations for your academic level.

Humorous essays are often a lot more fun to write. And if you can find a good topic, without being offensive, a humorous argumentative essay is one of the best types to write.

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