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WILL's 2016 $500 Scholarship Recipient

Women in Leadership La Porte County's $500 college scholarship has been awarded to Layni Sprouse, a 2016 graduate of La Porte High School.

Layni maintained a 3.78 grade average and showed exemplary leadership skills in her extra-curricular activities. Her activities included the La Porte High School Marching Band, Winter Guard, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Dance, National Honor Society, FYI Club, and Postponing Sexual Involvement.

Although Layni's grades were an important asset for her selection, her essay distinguished her above and apart from the other applicants. WILL requires a 500-word essay regarding the applicant's leadership skills and how those learned skills will benefit the applicant with respect to future educational experiences, career goals, and the community.

The Scholarship Committee was highly impressed with Layni's essay entitled "A Woman of Leadership." She eloquently told of her dreams and plans for success, problem solving and leadership skills, and how she will incorporate that knowledge into her future endeavors. Layni wrote about "being able to have a vision and see the bigger picture." She also wrote, "I keep the bigger picture of where I want to be in sight at all times; it is the greatest form of motivation."

Layni has set her future visions high. She will be attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, majoring in Political Science. Her long-term goal after completing her undergraduate degree is to complete Law School and to ultimately become a corporate lawyer.

"It was during my junior year in Mrs. Wireman's current events class that really sparked my interests," said Layni. "We discussed and debated various issues such as capital punishment, gay rights, the news, etc. It triggered something in me; it was exciting, really. And I loved government class . . . learning how our country was born."

Layni is grateful for the belief to which her parents held her and her siblings: that during their school years, their education was the top priority. "Mom always said that school was our 'job.' It was never said that we had to go to college, but we had to do our best and fulfill any commitments we made."

Layni's parents are John and Dawn Sprouse of La Porte.

WILL is honored to have Layni as this year's scholarship recipient. Her academic and leadership successes speak highly of her character and embody the attributes for which the organization stands.

WILL's 2015 $500 Scholarship Recipient

Women in Leadership La Porte County has awarded their 2015 college scholarship to Brooke Baima, a senior at La Porte High School.

Brooke maintained a 3.98 grade average and showed exemplary leadership skills in her extra-curricular and community activities. Her activities included: President of the Hanna-Noble 4-H club; Secretary, Student Council; member of the Show Choir; Mixed Chorale; Spanish Club; Girl Reserves, and the National Honor Society. She has been volunteering at All Creature Features Veterinary Clinic in La Porte, and has been a participant in the Relay for Life.

Although Brooke's grades were an important asset for her selection, her essay (a requirement for WILL's scholarship consideration) distinguished her above and apart from the other applicants. The Scholarship Committee was extremely impressed with Brooke and her written entry as to why her leadership skills gained in high school (as well as junior high school, and elementary school) will be of benefit to her while in college and in her chosen career goal as a large animal veterinarian.

Brooke has set substantial goals for her future which include owning her own clinic in La Porte County and using her leadership skills to interact with area 4-H and FFA organizations to instruct them regarding care for their livestock.

"I truly believe the leadership skills I have developed over the years have been for the greater good and will make me a noticeably more equipped college student," stated Brook. "My skills will allow me to take the initiative to complete my school assignments to the best of my ability and to stay focused."

Brook will be attending Anderson University for her undergraduate schooling. In addition to the WILL scholarship, Brook received a scholarship from St. John's Lutheran School, her elementary school alma mater.

Brook is the daughter of Charles and April Baima of La Porte; she also has two siblings.

Exemplary Student Scholarship

Amount of Scholarship: The scholarship of $1,000 per semester for 1 year ($2,000 total) is awarded to the student who meets defined qualifications.

The purpose of the Blinn Exemplary Student Scholarship Program is to recruit superior students to the Blinn College-Brenham Campus. The scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to the first 60 eligible students.*

Scholarship Qualification: Students awarded the Exemplary Student Scholarship must:

  • Have graduated high school during the 2017-2018 academic school year on the Recommended or Distinguished High School Graduation Plan;
  • Have a high school Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale;
  • Have displayed leadership qualities while in high school (active in the community, officer of a club or organization, participated in athletics, etc.);
  • Reside in the Brenham on-campus student housing facilities;
  • Register for classes on the Brenham Campus;
  • Enroll full-time per semester (12 hours); and
  • Maintain a 3.00 GPA to receive the scholarship for a second semester.

Apply NOW

* Blinn College reserves the right to consider student eligibility on additional criteria as the need arises. 

* Please also check out Blinn College’s Endowed Scholarships.

Please feel free to contact Evelyn Free in the Recruiting Office if you have questions.

Evelyn Free


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