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Does College Education Have Value?

There has been a heated debate and controversy about the importance of college education and if it has value. Many people hold different opinions. My opinion is that college education has a great value. The issue of unemployment is one of the underlying factors that make people have so many questions about the value of college education. Most countries have high levels of unemployment. This has left the recent and past graduates at the crossroads. The fact, however, is that more graduates are still needed in most of our countries. The markets are not filled, but some poor governance is the leading cause of the unemployment. This causes a miss conception about the value of education.

The Economic Value of College Education

Most people do not approve the value of college education because of the amount of money that is used as a fee. They believe that students use a lot of money that is borrowed loans for education, but the pay is not comparable to the time and money used to graduate as a college graduate. It is important to understand the naked truth that the level of remuneration for college graduates is far much better than of their counterparts that did not go to college or dropped before graduation. In America for example, college graduates get remunerated at ninety-eight percent more than those without a bachelor’s degree. Graduates have also been receiving a pay rise while those others have had their pay stagnating. This shows that the value of college education is high and many students are needed to join college and graduate. It f the value of education was decreasing, so would be the trend in the pay.

Other Benefits of College Education

Apart from the issue of pay and remuneration, college graduates have greater chances and opportunities than those that did not attend college. They also do not have to work as hard as their work programs follow those set by the workers body. They thus have adequate time for recreation and attending to other personal issues. Their live standards are also high because they receive better pay. Apart from all these, being in college gives one a chance to learn many different things. You acquire new ideas, subjects and even cultures. College graduates are also believed to exhibit better and healthy lifestyles. This is because they have a wider pool of knowledge. Knowledge does not only benefit them in their career but also in their morals.

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While every single person is entitled to an education, not everyone feels that an education is worth having the first place. And it’s terribly unfortunate notion. This may be the case because there is a large portion of people who are unknowing of the benefits and advantages of having an education, or, more specifically, a college degree from a four-year, accredited college or university. Whatever their reasoning may be, this unfortunate group doesn’t understand or know that having an education – a college degree – is the key to living a fulfilling, financially independent life. Not only does having an education generally earn people more money than someone without one, it allows a person to have freedom in choosing their career. A college degree also gives them job security, because they fall back on their education for employment. In turn, having a college degree means having a high quality of life.


When a person graduates from college and earns a degree in a specialized field, it is an indicator to the working world that they have acquired the practical skills and knowledge necessary to help and grow a business. With an education – and the knowledge, verbal, written and critical-thinking skills that go with it – a person becomes eligible for jobs that pay well, for careers that will gradually pay more and more as that person gains more experience in that field. A person doesn’t need a college degree to be a plumber or a construction worker – occupations that actually pay very well – but a person generally needs a degree to be a journalist, a teacher, or a marketing consultant, just to name a few examples. It’s true that a person with a college degree taking an entry-level job will not be making as much money as even a blue-collar worker who has done their trade for a few years. But over their lifetime that person with the experience to match their education will see more opportunities for mobility and increases in salary than the person without an education. It is a fact.

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Another benefit of having a college degree is having job security. Employers, of course, want to hold on to employees with an education because they have a solid set of skills and can learn new skills, too; but, also, people who have a college degree – because an education is valuable in the workplace – have a greater chance of finding another job if they are, for example, fired or if their job position is terminated when compared to someone without a college education. Having an education means a person is quick to learn, intelligent, capable of learning almost anything, highly skilled and can communicate effectively and follow directions closely. A college degree will forever mean they are smart, employable, are hard-working to a degree and can learn things quickly, all things that mean to an employer that someone would be good for a job.

Lastly, because an education is so highly regarded and sought after in the business world, people who have a college degree are not pigeonholed by the job or even the type of career they chose. A person with an English degree, for example, doesn’t have to be a writer, editor or poet; they can be a teacher, a marketing representative, or just about anything they want to be. That’s the point of having an education. And a person with a teaching degree doesn’t have to be a teacher their entire working life. Instead, people with an education – because they do, indeed, have an education – are freer than those with no education, only experience, to choose and develop a career that suits them, one they enjoy and find fulfilling and worthwhile. Whereas the person with no education does not have this luxury, but rather has to develop certain skills just to find employment. Those without a college degree mostly have to fall back on their experience. Others with an education can fall back on their experience and degree for employment.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to having a solid education and a college degree from a reputable academic institution. From having a well-paying and long-lasting job to having job security and the freedom to choose an enjoyable, productive and fulfilling job, there is virtually no limit to the many advantages of an education. 


In general, an education leads to a high quality of life. With financial independence, a career that hardly feels like work because it is fun and enjoyable, and without the stress of worrying about the future, it is safe to say that having an education, at the very least a college degree from a reputable four-year college or university, is perhaps what sets people up for a good life of success and happiness. However, it is unfortunate, all over the world, that some people are ignorant of this fact, that having an education is the key to a better life. It is not their fault – they are only a product of their environment – and educated individuals who understand this should do all they can to help guide such individuals.

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