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At The Professor is in, we know how hard it is to create an excellent academic cover letter.

We also know that sometimes you need help on perfecting that academic cover letter RIGHT NOW! (In other words, without waiting to get on Dr. Karen's schedule.)

So, we created The Art of The Cover Letter.

With this membership only guide, you will have access to all of the information you need to put together a professional, organized, individualized, and tailored academic cover letter that showcases your record in the most competitive way possible, and stands out from the crowd.

For only $79, you will have access to a 10-module program of all-new posts, videos, worksheets and examples from Dr. Karen Kelsky created specifically to walk you through each paragraph of the letter from introduction to sign off.

And best of all, you get the information immediately, so you can get your letter done and mailed off in time for any deadline.

Work at your own pace, develop your own materials, learn what you need to say, and how you need to say it!

The Art of the Cover Letter:  Fast, Individualized, Affordable.


  • Immediate Solutions

    Start working on improving your cover letter right now! Membership in The Art of The Cover Letter provides instant access to a 10-module program that walks you through each element of the cover letter, from the salutation to the sign-off.

  • Insider Knowledge

    More than simply a how-to guide, The Art of the Cover Letter teaches you to think like a search committee, identifying content from your record that "counts," condensing that content into effective, concise, fact-based language, and finally refining it into memorable paragraphs that frame your expertise in ways that work for the job market.

  • Trusted Content

    As you can see, The Art of the Cover Letter is hosted on, which we created to host a number of similar self-guided courses, including, eventually, Art of the CV, Art of the Teaching Statement, and Art of the Research Statement, as well as Unstuck: From Stalled to Submitted. Do not be alarmed that you have left the TPII site to access The Art of the Cover Letter; it's still just us — we've just added a new platform to work from.

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